Children's Day Recipes

Children’s Day Recipes: Kids Easy Food Recipes

Children’s Day Recipes: Dessert Recipes

Delicious Dessert Recipes For Children’s Day, Children’s Day Dessert Recipes

In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who became the first Prime Minister of independent India. Nehru was very fond of children and hence, this festival extends to pay a tribute to his love for children. Undoubtedly, he made great efforts to get children educated and helped in the development of the education system. He was known as Chacha Nehru out of love and affection. The festival is celebrated on a national level by all the schools and educational institutions.

Different programs and cultural events are prepared for this day, especially for the kids. Children can be seen participating in a number of activities, such as dancing, painting, singing, fancy dress, elocutions, field events, and so on. Competitions are held and the winners are rewarded significantly. Children are also treated with numerous food delicacies. In this section, we have compiled some healthy desserts for kids to indulge in. Not only healthy, these desserts are scrumptious and simply awesome. Check out this article for some of the best dessert recipes for Children’s Day.

Children’s Day Recipes: Delicious Desserts

Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Peanut butter cupcakes are rich, yummy and extremely appetizing. Go through this section to know the recipe of making these delicious peanut butter cup cakes. A must have for parties, indeed!

Apple Cupcakes

Apple cupcakes are one of the perfect desserts that can be served at the end of an appetizing meal. Moist, tasty and simply mouth-watering, these apple cupcakes are inviting.

Pista Malai Ice Cream

Undoubtedly, all kids love ice cream. In case you are looking for the recipe of making one such ice cream, pista malai is one that you can try out. Glance through the article to know how to make this yummy and luscious ice cream.

Faluda Ice Cream

For desserts, ice cream is the best dessert that a kid can indulge in. With this article, we bring you the recipe of preparing faluda ice cream. A typical traditional delicacy, faluda ice cream is a tasty delicacy to gorge on.

Banana Doughnuts

Banana doughnuts are tasty, inviting and lip-smacking. Let kids indulge in the freshness of fruits and stay healthy. Read to know how to make banana doughnuts.

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  1. Want to do something special for your child this Children’s Day? Get creative and pack a colourful lunch or snack for your little one. After all, what is a celebration without yummy food!