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Krishna & Syamantaka Gem: Lord Krishna Story

Krishna and Syamantaka Gem - Story of Lord krishna youth days

Satrajit, a nobleman of Dwarka, was a devotee of Surya, the Sun God. Surya being pleased with Satrajit’s devotion appeared before him and gifted him the Syamantaka gem. The Syamantaka gem’s specialty was that it could magically produce eight measures of gold a day. Satrajit became a really wealthy man. Krishna then approached Satrajit and told him that he should …

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Guru Arjan Dev Ji Teachings And Related Stories

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Teachings And Related Stories – Prithi Chand continued to pester the Guru to stop his religious and social activities. He tried to harm the Guru in whatever way he could. He became violently hostile and filled the path of the Guru with thorns. Guru Arjan was fortunate in having the loyal support of Bhai Budha and …

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King Shibi: Old Classic Indian Folktales

King Shibi

King Shibi was a great ruler. Everything he did was right and noble. He was very kind-hearted. He loved his subjects like his children. He loved animals too and looked after their welfare. He was very charitable and no needy man went away from him without help. He protected the weak against the strong. If anybody sought asylum with him, …

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Guru Arjan Dev Birth And Childhood Stories

Guru Arjan Dev Birth & Childhood Stories

Guru Arjan Dev Birth And Childhood Stories: Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth descendant of Guru Nanak, was born on April 15, 1563. He was the youngest son of Bhai Jetha (later Guru Ram Das) and Bibi Bhani. There was great rejoicing everywhere in all the Sikh sangats at his birth. This unusual rejoicing surprised quite a few people, since this …

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