What is Navratri Fast?

What is Navratri Fast?

The Navratri fast is observed from the first day to the ninth day. Some people confine to milk and fruits during the nine days. Most devotees take a single meal during the day. Non-vegetarian food is totally avoided.

Dishes For Navratri Fast:

• Sabudana vada ideal food during Navratri fast
• Sundal
• Fafda – Jalebi
• Sabudana vada
• Sabudana Khichadi
• Sawank Ke Chawal
• Dahi Pudine Wale Aloo
• Makhane Ki Sabzi
• Shakarkandi Ki Chaat
• Sabudana Papad
• Banana Raita
• Aloo Raita
• Singhare Ke Pakode
• Banana Chips
• Kaddu Ka Raita
• Malaiwale Kofte
• Fruits / Fruit Juices
• Sabudana Khir
• Bhagar

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