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Christian Festival Calendar

Christian Festival Calendar 2019: Printable

India, the land of vibrant culture and ethnicity, is known for the celebration of a number of colorful festivals in myriad ways. In this secular nation, people following different religions coexist in harmony. All the important festivals of the religions are celebrated with equal pomp and gaiety. Although Hindus predominate the total population of the country, a considerable proportion of people are following Christianity. They celebrate Christian festivals including Christmas, Easter and Good Friday with great enthusiasm and fanfare. Friends and acquaintance following religions other than Christianity also eagerly take part in the celebrations of the Christian festivals, which speaks volumes of the unity in diversity in India.

Some places of India are well known for their celebrations of Christian festivals. The celebration of Christian festivals in Goa, an erstwhile Portuguese colony, is worth special mention. Some of the oldest and most beautiful Indian churches are in Goa. Apart from the regular Christian festivals, these churches observe auspicious days in the Christian calendar by feasting, prayers and processions. While Goa is predominant, when it comes to Christian festivals, other states are also equally enthusiastic about celebrating the occasions. In many parts of the country, streets are filled with carolers and other entertainers, during the festive season.

Christmas is the prominent Christian festival, celebrated with great fanfare all over India. Apart from the Christians, people belonging to other religions also take part in the celebrations of the festival, which is its specialty. Easter and Good Friday are observed with utmost religious fervor. They also hold a prominent position among the calendar of events in India. Holiday is declared in schools and other educational institutions, for both the festivals.

Christian Festival Calendar / Christian Holidays 2019
March 31, Sunday Mothering Sunday
April 01, Sunday

14, Sunday

19 Friday

28, Sunday

Easter Day (Western)

Palm Sunday

Good Friday

Easter Day (Orthodox)

October 31, Thursday Halloween
November 30, Saturday St. Andrews Day
December 08, Sunday  Feast of the Immaculate Conception
22, Sunday ~ Monday, 30 Dec Hanukkah
25, Wednesday Christmas

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