Allow Chi To Flow Freely Into Your Home

Allow Chi To Flow Freely Into Your Home — The position of houses and roads in relation to each other has significant effects on the well-being and fortunes of the occupants of the houses. As Ch’ i is the animating force in everything, which enters in our house and other buildings, road, trees and also people. Feng Shui helps in tapping the positive Ch’i energy to the maximum and disperses and removes obstructions to its free flow. The chi energy is positive as a gentle breeze, it is allowed to flow freely and gently touches everything. Chi becomes negative energy when allowed to stagnate in the dark nook and corners.

House Facing T-Junction: The position is like gun being pointed straight at the house. The impact on the occupants is not healthy and may suffer poor health. It is suggested to reposition the main door, so that it opens at an angle which is not directly opposite the road. You may place a mirror above the door to deflect the negative energies away from the house according to Feng Shui. As per Vaastu this type of road pointing property is known as Veedhi Shola, veedhi means road and shola means arrow so it is like arrow pointing straight at the house. It is suggested here either to shift the position of the gate or may fix a yantra to the gate and keep a night light over it.

Site effects: Vaastu starts from the road, so the nature of a site can be determined by the direction of the road that border it and is referred to as a north or south facing plot. Sites with two roads bordering the property are known as corner sites. The corners of these sites should neither be rounded nor cut across.

A south facing site: A site with a road to the south can cause problem. It needs help from Vaastu practitioner, especially if the road is lower level than the house.

A west facing site: A site with road on the west is considered neutral.

An east facing site: If the road lies to the east side of the property, it is a positive location, allowing the morning sun to enter the site.

A north facing site: Having the north side unobstructed for the free flow of cosmic energy is also positive.

A south-eastern facing site: Road on the south and road to the east. This is well located and is especially good for women’s organisations.

A south-western facing site: A road on the south and another on the west is vulnerable to negative influences. Not suggested for residential site but it could be good for business.

A north-eastern facing site: Two roads bordering one to the north and other to the east. If two roads are lower or same level than the property, then this is considered the best.

A north-west facing site: A road on the north and other on the west is considered neutral.

The contours of the site: The ideal site for a home slopes gently upwards to the south-west, with a depression to the north-east of the property. Such contours ensure that energy is unable to escape via the south-west and instead collects in the north-east. It is very rare, but one can achieve a similar effect by planting trees or erecting a building to the south-west of the home and creating space in the north-east.

Curved road in front of your house: It is better to be on the inside of the curve than on the outside. When your house is located outside the curve, the road becomes a knife that symbolically cuts into your house. The Ch’i at this side of the road is malevolent, while Ch’ i on the other side is benevolent. The house that is hugged by the road has much better Feng Shui than the house opposite.

One of the most auspicious Feng Shui locations is the main door facing a park, or any kind of open space. This is referred very auspicious for all the members of the family.

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