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Angira Astrology Research Centre = The Planets and Stars influence not only the mankind but all things in the world including animals, plants, mountains, earth etc. Astrology is a science of calculation of Planets and Stars. Astrology is the science by virtue of which we can find out or calculate the destiny of a person i.e. Past, Future and Present. Every person has curiosity to know about his future e.g. in which field he will get success, when he will get rid of disease, when he will be blessed with a child. So many questions are associated with human life. The answer to these questions we can get with the help of Astrology. We have forecast the future of so many people by studying thousands of Horoscopes. The Horoscope is a mirror of man’s life. We can find out the good and bad period of man’s life in the Horoscope. We have read thousands of horoscopes for a long period and with the remedy of Astrology a large number of people have got relief. An Astrologer who knows the better remedy (calculation of Planets & Stars) can only succeed to provide relief to the person for his Bad Period.

There are five methods in Astrology to calculate the period of Planets i.e. Mahadasha, Antardasha, Partyantardasha, Sukshamdasha and Prandasha. Simultaneously, there are many other Dashas like Yoginidasha, Astotridasha and Kalchakradasha etc. By the study of these Dashas we can predict the Past, Present and Future of a person. A strong Planet gives fruitful and positive results in its Period. A weak Planet gives bad and negative results in its period.

During my research I have read one thousand eight hundred Aspects (conjunction) of Astrology in the Horoscopes. The human life depends upon these Aspects of Stars and Signs. When these Aspects will be fruitful; can be known with the Mathematical Calculations of Astrology.

I have been awarded Ph.D. Degree in Astrology by Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana) India in the year 2006 and the title of my research was “Vrihat Prashar Hora-Shastra : Ek Adhayan.” This is a very exquisite Book of Mathematics and Prediction on Personnel Horoscope. The study of this book proves that the Astrology is a very deep Science and it is a part of “Vedas”. Astrology is the “Eyes of Vedas”. Since Vedas cannot see the “Muhurt of Yagya (sacrifice)” without Astrology hence it is called the “Eyes of Vedas”.

There are many parts of Astrology like Palmistry, Numberology, Auspicious Sign, Face reading, Foot reading, Sidhant, Sanghita and Hora. The Science of Astrology is being utilized by mankind since Vedic and Mahabharat Period. In a Book of Astrology named “Narpati Jaycharya”, it is described how the king won the battle with the help of Astrology. By practising Astrology it can be described as to how a person can get happiness and source of income in present day mechanical life.

Astrological remedies provide for wearing Precious Sign Stones like Diamond, Neelam, Panna, Gomed, Lahsuniya, Manik etc. We can cure the bad effect of Planets by Worship of God, Muttering Prayers, Sacrifice with Vedic and Pauranic Mantras and other Tantras.

Good Period and Bad Period have a very important role in Astrology. The work done in a Good Period has maximum chances of good results whereas the work done in a Bad Period will never give good results, whenever we see a successful person, he must have been blessed with a Saint or remedy of Astrology.

Vedas are the oldest Holy Books available in the world. Virtually, nobody knows the Origin of Vedas. However, historians opine the Vedic age for the creation of Vedas. We can find the solution/remedy of every human problem in the Vedas.

Angira Astrology Research Centre has carried out a deep study of Vedas for the preparation of Precious “Parn Manee”.

The “Parn Manee” mentioned in the Vedas duly consecrated with Ved Mantras provide you Fame, Ardent, Power, Wealth, Peace of mind and Long life. The “Parn Manee” is better than any other Precious Stone.

Do wear “Parn Manee” sanctified by our research center for miraculous results.

  1. Pooja at nominal rate of ₹ 1100/- only of “Parn Manee”. Postal charges extra.
  2. Remedy of “Kal Sarp Yog” is ₹ 1500/- only.
  3. Remedy of 7½ and 2½ years of Saturn period on Sign is ₹ 1100/-.
  4. If the Rahu’s conjunction with Moon, Sun and Jupiter is called “Eclipse Conjunction”. Remedy of this Yog is ₹ 1100/-.
  5. Question Fee ₹ 200/- per question in percentage.
  6. Learn Astrology earn more.

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