An Easy Way To Follow Vastu

Vikas_and_Vimal_JhajhariaAn Easy Way To Follow Vastu — Vastu corrections that are generally made to overcome any kind of health, wealth or relationship problems, can now be done without any major hassles – through the Vastu Shankh Yantra. The yantra helps make corrections, without any demolition, and it is because of this reason, it is gaining popularity all over the world. Internationally renowned Vastu expert, Vimal Jhajharia, who has travelled to more than 20 countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, the Middle East and South Africa to impart the knowledge of Vastu is the man behind the concept of ‘correction without demolition’, using the Shankh Yantra.

The Vastu Shankh Yantra is a powerfully charged conch shell, filled with metallic substances and was gifted to him by his guruji, Swami Murghanandji. Vimal also mastered the art of Vastu shastra under the guidance of his father NK Jhajharia who has written various books on Vastu. Vimal is now being helped by his son Vikas, an MBA graduate from Australia to spread this knowledge all over the world.

Vikas emphasises on the fact that the Vastu Shankh Yantra has been used extensively in numerable existing factories and building construction sites with great results. “In factories people have observed miraculous effects, right after the installation of the yantras at various places. A large number of people who are into construction business come to us and take advice for successful completion of their projects,” says Vikas.

He adds, “Vastu Shankh Yantra has the potential to add value to your business. In case of already existing premises Vastu Yantra can help proper flow of energy without doing any kind of demolition or changes to increase profitability.” He stresses that it is not necessary to demolish or reconstruct any part of the house, office, factory etc to enjoy the benefits of Vastu, as the same can be observed by using the “Vastu Shankh Yantras correctively.”

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