Inspirational Story For Parents: The Greatest Blessing

Inspirational Story For Parents: The Greatest Blessing

A year went by. Gradually Nikhil’s visits grew more and more infrequent. The whole week he would look forward to Sunday. And that day invariably his Daddy would be busy with his office colleagues and his Mummy with her friends. One day he had thrown a tantrum and had been thoroughly spanked by his father. After that he had stopped asking.

One evening Rina and Swaroop were sitting in their living room. It was eight and Nikhil had already slept.

“Swaroop today I had gone to Nikhil’s school to attend the Parents-Teachers meeting,” Rina said.

Swaroop was reading the newspaper. “Yes,” he mumbled.

“Nikhil is not doing well in the class.”

“He is still young, he will improve.”

“Come on Swaroop, in his class, everyone is equally young. But they are all able to cope, except Nikhil.”

Swaroop put down his paper. “What is the problem Rina? He has just gone to class two. You are acting as if he is preparing for his civil services. You should realise that there are some kids who are late starters. He will pick up.”

“It is not as simple as that Swaroop. His teacher told me that he is totally non-communicative. He sits in one corner staring into space. He doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t participate in games. He doesn’t seem to be following his lessons. His class work is never complete and his homework too hardly ever gets done.”

“Why don’t you engage a private tutor for him.”

“Swaroop you seem to have forgotten. Three months back I engaged a young woman to teach him in Mrs. Desai’s crèche itself. But even that did not help.”

“So what do you want to do? If you have something in mind tell me.”

“A few days back I discussed this problem with Mrs. Paliwal. She is one of our regular customers and likes me very much. She was suggesting that we take Nikhil to a pediatrician. She knows some one who is very good. She said she would get us an appointment with him.”

“What’s his name?”

“Dr. Utpal Nayak.”

“I have of heard of him. Okay, Rina if you feel it really necessary let us consult him. As far as I am concerned I think all that Nikhil needs is some good old fashioned spanking. You have heard of the adage – ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’. I think we have been too soft on Nikhil.”

“No, Swaroop, you are wrong. We should give this doctor a try.”

“Okay, if you insist.”

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