Inspirational Story For Parents: The Greatest Blessing

Inspirational Story For Parents: The Greatest Blessing

Sunday morning Nikhil got up feeling very excited. Today he would be meeting Baba. He quickly brushed his teeth, took a bath, ate breakfast and drank his milk without any fuss. By nine he was ready.

“Daddy, I am ready. Let us go.”

Swaroop was watching the serial Chandrakanta on TV. “Go where?”

“To see Baba. Have you forgotten? You promised to take me to meet Baba. I am ready. Let’s go.”

“This early? Don’t be silly Nikhil. Can’t you see I am busy now? Moreover after watching this serial I have to go to Mirza Uncle’s house. I’ll take you in the evening.”

Nikhil’s face fell. He was really disappointed. He wanted to protest, but he was scared. Daddy might get angry and not take him at all.

At five in the evening Swaroop took Nikhil on his scooter. After travelling for almost an hour they reached a building at the end of a lonely road. It had a compound wall with an iron gate. They went in. The building was quite badly maintained with cracks in the walls and the paint peeling off. The pathway to the building and the lawn on either side too, showed signs of neglect.

Swaroop took Nikhil inside, through a corridor and into a huge hall. There were several beds in the hall. In one corner were a few chairs facing a table on which a small TV set was placed. He looked around. He could see only old men. Some of them were sitting in chairs staring blankly into space, while others were lying down.

He couldn’t see Baba.

“Daddy where is Baba?”

“There at the end. His bed is right next to the window. I requested Mr.Wadia to give him the best bed.”

Nikhil looked towards where his father was pointing. Baba was standing by the bed looking out.

“Baba,” Nikhil shouted rushing forward.

Gautam turned at the sound of the sweetest voice in the world.

Nikhil came hurtling into his arms. Gautam hugged him close.

An hour later, Swaroop told Nikhil. “Come on Nikhil let’s go. Baba needs to take rest.”

“But Daddy, we have just come.”

“We have already spent more than an hour here. We can’t stay anymore.”

“Daddy I’ll stay here with Baba, you go. I promise I won’t bother him at all.”

“You can’t do that Nikhil it is not allowed.”

Reluctantly Nikhil took leave of his Baba, fighting to control his tears.

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