Karwa Chauth Special Bollywood Song ओढ़ ली चुनरिया तेरे नाम की

ओढ़ ली चुनरिया तेरे नाम की: समीर

ओढ़ ली चुनरिया तेरे नाम की
तेरे प्यार में डूब गए हैं हम खुद को ही भूल गए हैं ओ मेरे दिलदार

ओढ़ ली चुनरिया तेरे नाम की
चाहे दुनिया जो भी सोचे हमको करना क्या
प्यार किया तो डरना क्या जब प्यार किया तो डरना क्या

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kyaओढ़ ली चुनरिया तूने मेरे नाम की
चाहे दुनिया जो भी सोचे हमको करना क्या
जब प्यार किया तो डरना क्या
ओढ़ ली चुनरिया…

तन्हा तन्हा था ये दिल खोया खोया था ये दिल
बेचैनी का आलम था सूना मन का आंगन था
जब से तुम हो मिले मिट गए सब गिले
मैने भी ये तय किया है आएगी तेरी डोली मेरे ही अंगना
ओढ़ ली चुनरिया…

तौबा तौबा ये आँखें कहती हैं सौ सौ बातें
जाने कैसा जादू है मेरा दिल बेकाबू है
रब से जब मांगा बस तुझे मांगा
प्यार की दुनिया चमका दे तू मुझको कंगना पहना दे तू
कर दे शगुन सजना
ओढ़ ली चुनरिया…

∼ समीर

चित्रपट : प्यार किया तो डरना क्या (१९९८)
निर्माता : बंटी वालिया, सोहैल खान, वाशु भगनानी
निर्देशक, लेखक : सोहैल खान
गीतकार : समीर
संगीतकार : हिमेश  रेशमिया
गायक : अलका याग्निक, कुमार सानु
सितारे : सलमान खान, काजोल, अरबाज खान, धर्मेन्द्र, अंजला जावेरी, किरण कुमार, निर्मल पाण्डेय


Muskaan (Kajol) is an orphan girl living on a farm run by her overly-protective older brother, Vishal (Arbaaz Khan) and their ‘Chachu’ (Dharmendra). Muskaan’s childhood friend, Ujaala (Anjala Zaveri), has been carrying a torch for the brooding Vishal since childhood, but he won’t give her the time of day. Later on Muskaan decides she wants to go to university in Mumbai and has to persuade her brother to let her go. Once in the big city, Suraj (Salman Khan), an underachieving student, who does not get along with his stepmother and is estranged from his father, falls in love with Muskaan. After a few attempts at messing with Muskaan and trying to get her attention, Suraj finally succeeds and Muskaan falls in love with him.

One day, when Vishal comes to visit Muskaan, he is mistakenly considered her boyfriend by Suraj and his group of friends. They consequently try to fight Vishal but instead get beat up. Vishal does not like Suraj because his terms and conditions of his future brother-in-law are very strenuous physically and he thinks Suraj is neither competent nor a man to be taken seriously. And he decides to bring Muskaan back to the farm sensing Suraj’s bad influence on her studies. Suraj pursues her and starts working on the farm as a stable boy after a chance meeting with ‘Chachu’ in which he saves Chachu’s life. Vishal decides to give Suraj another chance and puts him to the test; however, he is rejected. Vishal wants Muskaan to marry the brother of Thakur Vijay Singh (Nirmal Pandey), not knowing that Thakur Vijay Singh is doing this to merely extract vengeance against the Thakur family for a previous humiliation his own family received. So Suraj must now prevent this from happening and he must also be able to win Vishal’s heart if he is really interested in marrying Muskaan.

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