Life of Lord Buddha - English Poem on Gautam Buddha

Life of Lord Buddha: English Poem for Students and Children

There arose a Soul princely
Before Christ, in the sixth century,
To revive the Hindu religion mighty,
Of India, the ancient country.

He was a great reformer,
Born to Suddhodana, his father,
And Maya, his devoted mother,
To shine on their cap as a feather.

Born in a grove, Lumbini
At the bank of river, Rohini,
Near Kapilavastu, a small city
Within the Nepal vicinity.

The king’s astrologers told
‘Oh King, one day this child
The monk’s role, he’s sure to take,
A new religious order to make.’

‘The sight of an old man
Or of a diseased man,
Or a monk, or a dead man
Never, by him, to be seen.’

‘Of these four, any one sight
Would change his future bright.
So keep him out of its sight.
Guard him well, day and night.’

His fortress was reinforced.
The guards were cautioned
Not to let the prince go outside
And allow his stroll roadside.

The king took every pain
To see that his son remain
As a prince he wished to be
And as a monk not to be.

The King was however wise
The fate worked otherwise
As what shouldn’t have happened
One day, well, it happened.

Out from the king’s palace
Slipped the grown up prince
Who had a novel experience
Of the life’s miserable existence.

He left his child and wife
To seek of a divine life
And learn more on the truth
That ruled over this earth.

After years of penance
And endless perseverance
A state of enlightenment
He reached in fulfillment.

He became Buddha, the Lord
Thereafter to spread the word
Of the Truth and compassion
To every single God’s creation.

He spoke of non-violence
And unwanted animal sacrifice,
More on the right of the creature
To live its full time future.

He performed several miracles
Wherever he went in his circles
That brought forth a change
In people’s life, a new page.

He said that the main cause
For the suffering miseries,
Is the multiple desires
That keeps life ever in distress.

His golden messages spread
In the East, far and wide.
With his religion of tolerance,
Buddhism found its existence.

If one follows his teaching
And practice his preaching
Will there be any suffering
Or in the world, any fighting?

~ Rajaram Ramachandran

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