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The World Health Day is celebrated by the people all across the world every year on 7th of April under the leadership of World Health Organization to draw the mass people attention towards the importance of global health. World Health Assembly was held first time in the year 1948 in Geneva (City in Switzerland) by the WHO where it was decided to celebrate the World Health Day annually on 7th of April. It was first celebrated worldwide in the year 1950 as the World Health Day. Varieties of events related to the particular theme are organized on the international and national level by the WHO.

It is an annual event being celebrated for years to raise the common public awareness towards the health issues and concerns. A particular theme is chosen to run the celebration and take care of the health for whole year. Global Polio Eradication was also one of the special themes of the year 1995 of world health day. From then, most of the countries have become free of this fatal disease whereas in other parts of the world its awareness level has increased.

World Health Day targets all the health issues on global basis for which several programs are organized yearly by the WHO and other related health organizations at various places like schools, colleges and other crowd places. It is celebrated to remember the establishment of the World health Organization as well as draw the attention of people towards the major health issues in the world. WHO is a vast health organization working under UN for addressing the health issues on a global basis. Since its establishment it has addressed serious health issues including chickenpox, polio, smallpox, Tuberculosis (TB), leprosy and etc. from various developing countries. It has played a significant role aiming to make the world a healthy world. It has all the statistics about global health reports.

World Health Day: Themes

  • 1950: Know your Health Services
  • 1951: Health for your Child and World’s Children
  • 1952: Healthy surroundings make Healthy people
  • 1953: Health is Wealth
  • 1954: The Nurse: Pioneer of Health
  • 1955: Clean water means better Health
  • 1956: Destroy disease carrying Insects
  • 1957: Food for All
  • 1958: Ten years of Health progress
  • 1959: Mental illness and Mental Health in the World of today
  • 1960: Malaria eradication – A world challenge
  • 1961: Accidents and their prevention
  • 1962: Preserve sight- prevent Blindness
  • 1963: Hunger= Disease of millions
  • 1964: No Truce for Tuberculosis
  • 1965: Smallpox – constant alert
  • 1966: Man and his Cities
  • 1967: Partners in Health
  • 1968: Health in the World of Tomorrow
  • 1969: Health, Labor and Productivity
  • 1970: Early detection of Cancer saves Life
  • 1971: A full life despite Diabetes
  • 1972: Your Heart is your Health
  • 1973: Health begins at Home
  • 1974: Better food for a healthier World
  • 1975: Smallpox: Point of no return
  • 1976: Foresight Prevents Blindness
  • 1977: Immunize and protects your Child
  • 1978: Down with High Blood pressure
  • 1979: A healthy Child: A sure future
  • 1980: Smoking or Health: Choice is yours
  • 1981: Health for all by year 2000 AD
  • 1982: Add life to years
  • 1983: Health for all by year 2000 AD: Countdown has begun
  • 1984: Children’s Health: Tomorrow’s Wealth
  • 1985: Healthy Youth – Our best Resource
  • 1986: Healthy living: Everyone a winner
  • 1987: Immunization: A chance for every Child
  • 1988: Health for All: All for Health
  • 1989: Let’s talk Health
  • 1990: Our Planet our Earth: Think Globally Act Locally
  • 1991: Should Disaster Strike, be prepared
  • 1992: Heart beat: A rhythm of Health
  • 1993: Handle life with care: Prevent violence and Negligence
  • 1994: Oral Health for a Healthy Life
  • 1995: Global Polio Eradication
  • 1996: Healthy Cities for better life
  • 1997: Emerging infectious diseases
  • 1998: Safe motherhood
  • 1999: Active aging makes the difference
  • 2000: Safe Blood starts with me
  • 2001: Mental Health: stop exclusion, dare to care
  • 2002: Move for health
  • 2003: Shape the future of life: healthy environments for children
  • 2004: Road safety
  • 2005: Make every mother and child count
  • 2006: Working together for health
  • 2007: International health security
  • 2008: Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change
  • 2009: Save lives, make hospitals safe in emergencies
  • 2010: Urbanization and health: make cities healthier
  • 2011: Anti-microbial resistance: no action today, no cure tomorrow
  • 2012: Good health adds life to years
  • 2013: Healthy heart beat, Healthy blood pressure
  • 2014: Vector-borne diseases
  • 2015: Food safety (with 5 keys; Key 1: Keep clean, Key 2: Separate raw and cooked food, Key 3: Cook food thoroughly, Key 4: Keep food at safe temperatures, Key 5: Use safe water and raw materials).
  • 2016: Diabetes:Scale up prevention, strengthen care, and enhance surveillance
  • 2017: Depression: Let’s talk
  • 2018: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere
  • 2019: Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere
  • 2020: Support nurses and midwives

How is World Health Day celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated worldwide by the government, non-government, NGOs including various health organizations at many places by organizing programmes relating to the public health issues and awareness. Participated organizations highlight their activities and supports through the media reports by means of press releases, news and etc. Health authorities from different country take part in the celebration with their pledges in order to support on the health issues worldwide.

Varieties of activities are done in the conference of health workers to encourage people to maintain their health in the presence of media coverage. Debates on the related topics, art exhibitionsessay writing, competitions and award ceremony are organized to fulfill the aim of world health day.

Why do we celebrate World Health Day?

World Health Day celebration focuses on increasing the life expectancy by adding good health to the lives of people and promoting healthier living habits. Youths of the new era are also targeted by this event to prevent and make them healthy to make the world healthy and free from AIDS and HIV.

Disease spreading vectors like mosquitoes (malaria, dengue fever, filaria, chikungunya, yellow fever and etc), ticks, bugs, sand flies, snails and etc are also spotlighted by the WHO to make the world free from a wide range of diseases caused by parasites and pathogens. It provides better prevention and cure from the vector-borne diseases spread by vectors and travelers from one country to other. WHO supports various health authorities on global basis to make their own efforts for the public health problems to enhance better life without any diseases.

Some of the objectives of why it is being celebrated yearly are listed below:

  • To increase the public awareness of various causes and prevention of high blood pressure.
  • To provide detail knowledge of getting prevented from various diseases and their complications.
  • To encourage most vulnerable group of people to frequently check their blood pressure and follow medications from the professionals.
  • To promote self care among people.
  • To motivate the worldwide health authorities to make their own efforts in creating the healthy environments in their country.
  • To protect families living in the disease vulnerable areas.
  • To teach travelers and send them a messages about how to get protected from the vector-borne diseases while travelling.

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