Goa Memorable Day: Attained Independence From Portuguese

Goa Memorable Day: Attained Independence From Portuguese

Goa – a light-hearted, easy going, chill-out heaven for travelers, has a beauty of its own. Those lovely sun-baked beaches, hassle-free streets, breezy restaurants have been a delight to all but the essence and struggle of Goa to become an independent has been gutted wrenching. Previously Goa was under the Portuguese but after a great struggle, Goa finally attained its independence on June 18th, 1946. This day was engraved in the pages of history as the ‘Memorable Day Of Goa‘.


This auspicious occasion of liberation is celebrated in true Goan spirit. The streets, hotels, bars, boats, business arenas would be specially decorated, complex’s adorned with the Jewellery of lights and everything in Goa would look so dazzling that day. The famous shopping spirit of Goa is raised to its zenith. The importance of the date June 18th, 1946 is easily understood by the fact that a street having this date engraved stands with supreme authority in Panjim – The capital of Goa. June 18th street becomes the hub for super-helix on this day and almost everything from clothes to confectioners, from liquor to electronics is sold with heavily-laden discounts.

Spirit of Goa Memorable Day

The positivity engulfs the entire stratosphere of Goa. Merry-making becomes the ultimate aim of the population. It is a true saying that ‘Freedom cannot be attained without a leader’ and true is this case when it comes to the freedom fight of Goa and its people. The leader or rather the Messiah in disguise for the Goans was Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, who took to the challenge of freeing his natives from the clutches of slavery. The long but ambitious battle of independent Goa was finally obtained on this very day and it also was the day of sunset for the Portuguese. One of the touching facts during this struggle was that when the countrymen of India came to know about the troubling factors in Goa they too came in support of their brothers and sisters, became one and fought against the enemies. This also pops out a fact that during the times of crisis India has always united and been victorious.

During this time the festive mood of the people engages them into dancing and singing and it is observed that not only the artists but even the dust on the streets seems intoxicated with the fragrance of reviving freedom. The festive freshness mentors the minds and souls of the tourists as they experience the extravaganza and praise the city decorated with the garland of lights.

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