Anti Terrorism Day - 21 May

Anti Terrorism Day Information For Students

The death anniversary of ex-prime minister of India, Shri Rajiv Gandhi is also observed as Anti Terrorism Day all over the country on 21 May. Terrorism, the most heinous crime by the mankind against the mankind has become the biggest fear for Indians today. And of course every citizen of the country is responsible for driving out this phantom of fear. Fighting against this crime has become the moral duty of every Indian.

At the same time whole nation mourns two minutes of silence to mark solidarity with the world in its fight against terrorism and to memorize Rajiv Gandhi.

Anti Terrorism Day is observed every year on May 21 to promote peace and harmony in the nation. Different committees across the country organize various seminars on drive to create awareness about the danger caused by this unmerciful act of terrorism. The main aim of observing this day is to wean away the Indian youth from such dreadful forces threatening human lives.

Even anti-terrorism or anti-violence pledge is also taken in all the government offices, public sector undertakings and other public institutions. There is also need of more serious thoughts on the observance of this day and in order to successfully accomplish the aim of Anti Terrorism Day.

Anti Terrorism Day: History

After Charan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister of India and he is the youngest who got this position. He went to Sriperumbudur a place in Tamil Nadu to attend a rally. A woman came in front of him who was the member of Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE) a terrorist group. She had explosives under her clothes and approached Prime Minister and bent down, as if she wants to touch his feet. Suddenly bomb explosion took place who killed PM and approx 25 people. This is the inland terrorism that had created fear and our country loss Prime Minister.


  • To spread the message of peace and humanity.
  • To increase the awareness among people about these terrorist groups and how they plan to strike the terror.
  • To promote unity among the people by planting seed of unity among the people.
  • Also, to provide education and training to the youngsters this will prevent them from joining different terrorist groups.
  • To generate awareness in the country about the danger of terrorism, violence and its dangerous effect on the people, society and whole country.

How To Celebrate?

  • Mentioned above objectives are achieved by organizing debates or discussions in schools, colleges and universities on the dangers of terrorism and violence.
  • Mass education programs are held to highlight the ill effects of terrorism and its aftermath.
  • Central Government and the State Government organize rallies and parades to ensure people about the effects of terrorism.
  • Paying respect to the deceased Prime Minister by special marches and people gather to pay their respect to Rajiv Gandhi. In several schools, colleges, government and private offices, people bow their heads and maintain silence for two minutes.
We can’t forget the famous World Trade Centre attack which was a terrorist attack. The 26/11 attack on Mumbai is also no exception in this regard. Therefore, Anti Terrorism Day expresses the anger and show solidarity with humanity. Terrorism is an act of causing loss of life and fear of death among people by the dreadful acts of terrorists. No doubt it is an attack on the rights of human beings. Therefore, we should come together and eliminate it by spreading love, care etc.

It is correctly said that “Terrorists have no religion. They only understand the language of devastation”.

Anti Terrorism Day: Facebook Covers

Anti Terrorism Day FB Cover
Anti Terrorism Day FB Cover

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