Eid-Ul-Zuha – It is one of the grandest Muslim festivals, and is also known as Bakrid.

Id-Ul-ZuhaIt fails on the 10th day of the Muslim month Zil-Hijja. There is an interesting story about the celebration. Once Hazrat lbrahim was ordered by Allah in a dream to sacrifice his dearest thing. To lbrahim his son was the dearest, So, he decided to sacrifice his son on the altar of Allah. He sought the permission of the members of the family and blindfolded himself so that at the time of sacrifice his love for the son may not deter him from the act. He struck with his sword, but when he removed the fold from his eyes, to his great pleasure and surprise, he found that he had sacrificed a ram instead of his son Since, then a ram, or goat or a camel is sacrificed and distributed among the neighbours and relatives.

Bakrid Kano MosqueThe sacrifice of a ram or goat also symbolizes that man’s position in the creation is far more high than any beast, and any sacrifice, however great, is a small thing for the sake of religion and Allah. The sacrificial ram or goat is reared with great care and is kept quite healthy and fat And the man who does the sacrifice must be a man of a character and deeply religious.

On Bakrid, the Muslims go to the mosques in the morning to offer prayers to Allah. and then sacrifice the animal at home. The cooked meat is partaken by the friends and relations. The poor, needy and sick are given money, clothes, etc., in charity on this day. Children also get money to spend, and gifts from their elders. People embrace one another out of sheer joy and greet each other Hindus also participate in it and offer their good wishes to their Muslim friends and well-wishers.

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