Daulat: Rib Tickling Tale of Akbar Birbal

One day Daulat, a slave, who worked at Emperor Akbar’s court, made some mistake and incurred his wrath. Emperor Akbar asked him to leave the court. He went to Birbal’s house.

Birbal listened to him and suggested, “Once again, you go to the court and ask the Emperor, “Daulat has come, should he stay or leave”?

The Emperor was surprised to see him back. Daulat said to him, “Forgive me, Your Majesty. Should ‘Daulat’ stay or go away?”.

The Emperor was pleased with the double meaning of ‘Daulat’ (riches). He said, “Let it stay!” None with a balanced state of mind would say, “Let Daulat’ (riches) go away?”

“Tell me,” the Emperor asked him, “who gave you, this idea?” Daulat said, “It was Birbal ji, Sir!”

Birbal is the symbol of wit and one-up manship. He was one of the nine gems of the Mogul court of Emperor Akbar who treated him as a friend. Akbar tries to catch Birbal in his witty trap but the latter proves a slippery customer. These efforts became legendary tales that show us how presence of the mind and wit help one get out of the tricky situations. And in their wake they leave behind a healthy echo of laughter. Birbal solved many of Akbar’s problems through his wit. Several courtiers tried to outwit Birbal but had to bite the dust at the hands of the superior wit. Telling, hearing or reading these stories mean letting one’s tensions, worries, cares and boredom get washed away in a flow of smiles, giggles and laughters. It also polishes one’s wit. These hilarious stories besides entertaining try to plant a little Birbal in you to make your life a game. These books will cheer you up. We hope that the battle of wits between Akbar and Birbal will give you lots and lots of laughters and kindle the wit centre of your brain.

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