New Year Dresses: Cocktail And Party Dresses

New Year Dresses: Cocktail And Party Dresses

New Year Dresses: New Year is a festive occasion that is associated with new beginnings. So, why not experiment a little with your look as well and make a new style statement! It is the time to dump those torn jeans and faded t-shirts and get into your party garb. New Year is the perfect occasion to flaunt those sensuous dresses and get showered with compliments. Some of the biggest parties in town will be happening on the New Year’s eve and no one would want to dress up shabbily and feel like an outcast. We bring you some tips to jazz up yourself and make heads turn when you enter the New Year party venue this year.

New Year Dresses:

  • Get to know whether the party you are going to is formal or informal and pick your dress accordingly. If it’s a formal dinner, be in your Sunday best, though you could experiment with some funky makeup and elaborate hairdos.
  • ‘Accessorize’ is the key word this season, so pick out your chunky belts and scarves and get ready to rock n roll!
  • Zip on a sleek backless black dress, with shimmer or sequins on the hemline. Don’t forget your warm cashmere shawl, or else you will freeze even before reaching the event. Tie up your hair in a neat bun and wear a necklace to accentuate that sleek neck of yours.
  • Wear an elegant evening gown in a metallic shade and slip on those stilettos for the sexy look! Add some zing by wearing a nice pair of earrings to go with the gown.
  • If you can’t think beyond jeans, go for the ones that have crystals or sequins at the hemlines and the seams of pockets. A good belt can help you carry off a simple pair of jeans with élan and make you look stylish and elegant. One thing to be kept in mind though is that your jeans should, at no cost, be torn or dirty. Team them up with an elegant tube top or camisole and you are ready to party!
  • Try experimenting with new hairstyles, in case your attire is simple. Lay emphasis on eye make up and go for glitter on eyes and neck. Don’t go for lip shades that are too dark. Stick to lighter shades of pink, brown and peach or go for lots of gloss for that feminine pout and hot look.
  • Don’t keep your ears and neck empty. Wear either a nice pair of earrings or a simple necklace with a nice pendant.
  • All said and done, any dress is incomplete without that bright smile of yours. So don’t forget to wear that beautiful smile that works wonders for your face, and of course, the attitude to carry off your dress with elegance and confidence! HAPPY DRESSING!

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