Hindi Diwas Importance

Hindi Diwas Importance For Students & Children

Hindi Diwas Importance: Hindi is our mother language and we should respect and give honor to it. Together with the economic prosperity and technological development in the country, the Hindi language is losing its importance a little while. Everyone wants to learn and speak English language in order to get success in almost all the fields as there are demand of the same. However, we should not leave our mother language and take interest in it to have thorough knowledge together with other necessities of being success. Language and culture of any country plays an important role in making people-to-people contact between any countries.

The wings of mother language of any economic rich country grow faster as people of other countries want to learn that language however never think that their real identity depends on their own country’s mother language and culture. Every Indian should give value to the Hindi language and credit for the economic advancement in the country. It reveals the history of India from very ancient time and is the key for our identity in future. It is a very vast language spoken and well understood by the people of other countries too (like Nepal, Trinidad, Mauritius, etc). It provides very easy and simple means to interact with each other. It plays a key role in uniting the diverse India, so called as the link language.

There is an enormous need to celebrate Hindi Diwas as an event every year in order to pay honor and pass its significance to the next generation. Hindi Diwas should be celebrated, not only because it is our national language but also that it is our mother tongue which we must respect and commemorate time to time. We should be proud of our national language and never feel hesitation while speaking Hindi in other countries. Now-a-days, English language is preferred more by the people rather than Hindi because of increasing demand of English language in almost all the work areas. In such condition, the annual celebration of Hindi Diwas makes Indian people feel proud that there is a day committed to their national language.

It is a wholeheartedly event gives opportunity to Indian people to promote the Hindi language. The celebration will initiate the enthusiasm among youths of the country about the Hindi language. It motivates and brings positive perceptions about Hindi among youths. So, we should celebrate Hindi Diwas with great enthusiasm every year by participating in the variety of programs organized in the school, college, community or society in order to heartily feel the importance of Hindi language.

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