Hindu Diwas Celebration

Hindi Diwas Celebration For Students

Hindi Diwas Celebration For Students: Hindi Diwas (14th September) is celebrated annually to pay tribute to the mother language of India. It is celebrated by the people in government offices, private offices, and educational institutions. It is celebrated by the school and college students with the variety of activities under the proper guidance of teachers. Hindi Diwas celebration takes place all over the country which marks the importance of most widely spoken Hindi language.

It is celebrated by the students in almost all the schools and colleges by organizing a special assembly with lots of recreational activities. Some of the highlighting activities at this day are speech recitation, essay writing, Hindi poem recitation, recitation of Kabir Das ke Dohey, Rahim ke Dohey, Tulsi Das ke Dohey, songs singing, dance, general knowledge quiz competition in Hindi, drama play, slogan writing, etc by the students of various classes. At this day, students are motivated to give speech, write essay or perform other activities especially in Hindi language. Small kids in the schools are also given some tasks to write or speech few lines in Hindi. A very old and famous Hindi Hymn (“Ai Malik Tere Bande Hum“) is sing by the students in group.

Inter school competitions are organized by the various school in order to celebrate the National Language Day – Hindi Diwas. Students from various schools are invited to take part in the variety of contests such as Hindi poem recitation (based on theme of “Hindi Meri Pehchan“) and play competition (based on theme of “Ekta ka Sutra Hindi“), etc. Such type of contests organized by the schools help students to explore their Hindi language knowledge with different hues and flavors.

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