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Fortune in Coffee Cup: Halloween Fun Ideas

Telling fortunes using coffee cup grounds can be an interesting evening pastime for Halloween tea party. As you prepare the steaming hot coffee, you can put the grounds of coffee in a white cup and shake them well, until they cover the whole surface of the cup. Put the rest of the coffee grounds in the saucer and use the images formed by the coffee grounds in the white cup to tell the fortune of the concerned person.

The fortune-teller has to focus on the person whose fortune he / she is reading and keep in mind the rank, profession and position of the individual. He also has to decide whether to speak about the past, present or future tense, depending on the circumstances. Images may not be very clear and fortuneteller has to use his psychic powers (or imagination) to find them and interpret them. Here are the interpretations of the images that you may find in the white cup, made by ground coffee particles:

  • Anchor: Anchor at the bottom of the cup denotes success in business that involves traveling by land and water. Clear anchor symbol at the top of the cup indicates constant love and fidelity. Anchor covered with clouds foretells inconstancy in love and brief flings.
  • Coffin: A clear image of coffin indicated long life of the person. Coffin in thick at the top of the cup means that the person will get considerable property or estate, by a rich relative who will die. A coffin in the thick, at bottom of the cup, shows that the deceased is not a near relation to the person. Coffin in clouds indicates death or a long and tedious illness.
  • Dog: A clear dog emblem at the top of the cup means true and faithful friends in life. Dog with clouds and dashes signify friends who are deceptive and not dependable. A dog at the bottom of the cup means that you will be the victim of extreme envy and jealousy.
  • Leaf Of Clover: It is a lucky sign. Leaf of clover near the top of the cup foretells good fortune near at hand. The image in the middle or bottom of the cup means good fortune in distant future. Clear image depicts complete happiness and serenity. Clouded leaf of clover prophesies that good fortune will be accompanied by unwanted and disagreeable events.
  • Letter: A clear letter indicates that a good news is about to come. Dots near the letter mean monetary gains. Clouded letter forebodes melancholic events, a loss or accident. A letter with a heart means that the individual will soon be with his or beloved, while a reverse heart (that appears upside down) indicates a refusal in love or breakup.
  • Ring: A clear ring means happy friendship or marriage. A letter near the ring may be the initial of the beloved or spouse. Ring covered with clouds cautions the individual to be on alert, as there can be deception in friendship. The ring at the bottom of the cup is inauspicious and means separation from the beloved.
  • Roads: Clear serpentine lines indicate good fortune and opportunities. Points and dots near the ways indicated sudden monetary gains and long life. The lines that are unclear and covered with clouds may indicate bad events in the past or future.
  • Serpent: Clear serpent symbol at the top or middle of the cup indicates that you will triumph over your enemy, but serpent in thick or cloudy part means that the victory will be difficult. A letter appearing near the serpent shows the initials of the enemy.
  • Star: A clear star at the top of the cup denotes happiness, while clouded star or a star in thick means long life with several problems. Dots near the star mean great fortune, wealth and respectability; and many stars in the cup mean many good children, who will remain happy. Stars surrounded by dashes indicate children who can make you sad and angry in old age.

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