Dog Health

Proper hygiene and a loving atmosphere are the prerequisites for the growth of healthy pets. In case of dogs, cleanliness and health care becomes even more important, because they are some of the most active pets. Apart from making them look spick and span, cleanliness ensures overall health as well. Moreover, agility and responsiveness of the pet are improved by proper health care. Dog’s teeth, ears, nails and coat have to be taken special care of. Like human being, the pet also needs regular check ups (in this case, frequent visits to a veterinarian). Moreover, frequent visits to the same veterinary doctor lend a degree of familiarity to the dog too, making the pet comfortable. In this article, we have given some tips on dog health, which will be useful for the owners of the pet.

How To Keep Dogs Healthy

  • Prepare for the visit beforehand. Jot down all the queries about your dog and seek information about potential problems, from your veterinarian.

  • You may need a stool sample of your dog as well as its inoculation records. You should also be aware of flea and tick prevention and control programs, the prevention and symptoms of heart worm tests and Parvo Virus. To get all the required information, consult a veterinary doctor.

  • Get prescription for a good antiseptic cream for daily use.

  • You may use a syringe, without the needle, to give liquid medicine to your dog. Insert the syringe through the mouth of the dog, when it is closed, and place it behind its canine teeth. The liquid medicine should be given slowly and gently.

  • The best way to give pills to the dog is to make the pet sit down upright, by tilting its head back. Lift the lips away from its teeth; hold its upper jaw by the gums behind the canine teeth. Now, push down on the lower jaw with the other hand and place the pill in the very back of its throat. Close its mouth and stroke its throat softly, until the pill is swallowed.

  • You may also consider crushing the pills and mixing them with peanut butter, to make the dog swallow the medication with it.

  • Dog’s normal breathing rate is 15 to 20 per minute, while normal heartbeat is 100 to 150 beats per minute. To check the pulse of the pet, place your hand under its chest or under its rear leg.

  • Dog’s body temperature is checked using the rectal thermometer. The normal temperature of the dog is around 100 to 102 degrees F.

  • Mucus membranes of the dog, such as the gums, tongue and inside of eyelids should be healthy pink. Any other color is an indication of sickness.

  • A change in dog’s behavior and untimely laziness, growling, snarling or irritability indicates that your dog needs to be taken to the clinic.

  • Dog’s ears are prone to infections quite easily because of the accumulation of dirt and debris. Therefore, routine ear care is very essential. In case your pet is suffering from infections, say, ear mites, then treat its ears with mineral oil. Soak a cotton ball in mineral oil and clean your pet’s ears with it. You may also put two drops of the oil into the dog’s ear, using an eye dropper, and massage the ear gently. Thereafter, clean the ears with a dry cotton ball.

  • Dogs need proper dental care, because buildup or plaque and tartar could lead to swollen gums. Secondary infections may also arise, leading to serious health problems. Hence, brush your pet’s teeth twice a week, using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

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