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Spooky Computer in Office: Halloween Fun Ideas

Even on Halloween in India, many of the people have to go to their office, to complete the projects nearing deadlines and clear out the backlog of work. It’s not really fun to work on a high-spirited festival like Halloween. In case you are one of those working on Halloween, you can choose to have some spooky Halloween fun with your colleagues in office, so that you don’t miss out much, while your family and friends arrange for the celebrations at home. Your office computers can be of great help in letting your vicious plans materialize.

Here is an idea to spook one of your colleagues, before all of you start working, and set the mood for the party at night. Arrive at the office a little early, a few minutes before everyone else does. You just have to pull the plug of your colleague’s monitor and insert it in your computer (CPU). Make sure that your computer screen is not visible to your victim. You may plug your monitor to his computer (CPU) so that you can read what he types or come to know what he is trying to do with the system.

Sit down on you desk as usual and act busy, with perhaps a cup of coffee on your desk. Do not talk much, so that your colleague goes to his or her computer and settles down. As he starts his computer, switch on your system too. Now, only what you do will be visible on his system. Open a word document and type – “Happy Halloween, John (colleague’s name)!” As your colleague is shocked with the strange behavior of the system and tries to type something, you can see what he is trying to do on your screen or typing frantically.

You can just reply as if the computer has suddenly developed its own sense and write messages like – “For Halloween, I have decided to take a day off, so go home and play with your little demons”, “Don’t you understand simple English, I am NOT your slave today” and “If you try to restart me once again, I will have to send an electric jolt to your circuits, so BEWARE!” Your colleague is sure to be shocked and find this very creepy. You are the one to decide, when to blow off the game. So, have fun on Halloween, with Computer Ghost in the office.

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