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Ghost of a Tree Halloween Craft: Easy Halloween Crafts

Halloween is a festival that is synonymous with ghosts, spirits and all the spooky wonders. The tree Halloween ghost is easy to make and doesn’t require much material. Your eco-friendly ghost will be a cool craft option for children, which they will certainly enjoy making. You can put the tree ghost on display as a decorative piece in your house. Or, you can even hang the spooky tree in your courtyard, on the Halloween night. Read the article to know the material required and directions to make the ghost of a tree Halloween craft.

How To Make The Ghost Of A Tree Halloween Craft

Material Required

  • Ice Cream Stick
  • Green Tempura Paint
  • 6 Brown Chenille Sticks (different lengths)
  • 2 (12′ long) Brown Chenille Sticks
  • Black Marker
  • 1 White Tissue


  • Paint the ice cream stick in green color.
  • Wrap 2 chenille sticks around the bottom of the stick, as roots to stand on.
  • Create branches with remaining chenille sticks, by wrapping them around the stick and then bending like tree branches.
  • Fold Kleenex at the seam. Holding seam in your fingers, cut along 2′ down from seam.
  • From this strip, cut into sections about 1′ long each.
  • From these small pieces, create tiny ghosts, by twisting into a ghost shape.
  • Using chenille branches, wrap each end of the branch around the ghosts’ necks.
  • With black marker, make eyes and mouth for each ghost and draw an oval hollow and few lines on bark of the tree.

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