Easter Celebration: Christian Culture & Traditions

Easter Celebration: Christian Spring Festival

Easter Blessings

Easter Festival Blessings, Blessings For Easter

Easter euphoria is marked by a tender exchange of wishes and blessings. Blessings come straight from the heart and therefore, should sound sincere. Just a few heartfelt words can convey the most well-meaning Easter blessings. The choice of perfect words, thus, is of supreme importance to articulate oneself in the best possible way. We present you an enviable collection of the most meaningful and genuine blessings, to reach out to your loved ones on the propitious occasion of Easter. Mark your celebrations with these appealing blessings that convey warmth and love.

Easter Festival Blessings

The sleepy colors of winter
Fade fast in the dawn of Spring
The joy of Easter’s promise
Delivers sweet reason to Sing
Refreshed from her snowy Slumber
Mother Earth exalts her Worth
In a colorful burst of glory
She blazons her wondrous Rebirth
Renew your spirit, refresh Your soul
Rejoice with all humankind
Celebrate life everlasting
Peace and wonder are Yours to find.

Bless this day the joy of life,
The revelation of the flesh,
The paradise of man and wife
Joined to share the gift of bliss.
Bless this day the pain of life,
The passion that redeems the flesh,
The love between a man and wife
Beyond all agony and bliss.
Bless this day the end of life,
The peace within the dying flesh,
The bond between a man and wife
That long outlasts their bit of bliss.
Bless this day the whole of life,
The grace of being more than flesh,
The voyage of a man and wife
Across the mystery of bliss.
– Nicholas Gordon

God so loved the world
That he gave his only son,
So that whoever believes
In him shall not perish,
But have eternal life.
– John 3:16

May the glory
And the promise
Of this joyous time of year
Bring peace
And happiness to you
And those you hold most dear,
And may Christ,
Our risen savior,
Always be there by your side
To bless you
Most abundantly
And be your loving guide.

Refreshed from her snowy Slumber,
Mother Earth exalts her Worth,
In a colorful burst of glory,
She blazons her wondrous
Renew your spirit, refresh
Your soul,
Rejoice with all humankind.
Celebrate life everlasting.
Peace and wonder are
Yours to find.
The blessing of the Lord
Be upon you…
– Psalms 129:8

May the glory of the day
Reside in your heart forever.
Blessings at Easter
And always!

May the divine love of god
Is showered on you
On this occasion of Easter
And on many more Easters to come!

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