Why do we have eggs at Easter?

Easter Facts And Trivia For Students

Like most of the spring festivals, Easter embodies festive celebrations and feasting. Among the slew of spring festivals, Easter stands out for its unique pagan symbols and rituals. Here are some interesting Easter facts:

Easter Facts And Trivia For Students And Children

  • The Easter Lilly symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus because the shell represents the tomb of Jesus and the flower that blooms represents life after death.
  • The maiden chocolate eggs recipes were made in Europe in the nineteenth century.
  • Vegreville, Canada is the site of the largest Easter egg in the world. The Easter egg or Ukrainian ‘Pysanka,’ was constructed in 1975 to commemorate early Ukrainian settlements in an area east of Edmonton. It weighed 5,000 pounds, and was 25.7 feet long.
  • Pysanka is a specific term used for the practice of Easter egg painting.
  • Most children (74%) eat the ears of their chocolate bunny first. 13% eat the feet first, and 10% eat the tails first.
  • In 1878 U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife Lucy officially opened the White House grounds to the children of the area for egg rolling on Easter Monday. The event has been held on the South Lawn ever since, except during World War I and World War II.
  • The initial baskets of Easter were given the appearance of bird’s nests.
  • By tradition, it was obligatory (or at least lucky) for churchgoers to wear some bright new piece of clothing – at least an Easter bonnet, if not a complete new outfit.

Easter Colors

Most of the major festivals are associated with a unique set of colors. For instance, red, green and white are the traditional colors of Christmas, while pink is used in almost all the decorations for Valentine’s Day. Yellow stands for friendship and hence, it is predominantly used on the occasion of Friendship Day.

DVD Easter Eggs

During the holiday season of Easter, small children play with beautifully designed Easter eggs. They try to find out the eggs hidden in their courtyard. The tradition has become so popular that the virtual world of computer also has adopted it. Easter eggs in the virtual world essentially are the hidden messages or features in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program or video game.

Easter History

Essentially a springtime festival, there has been much debate over the origin of Easter, in the religious context. However, there is a general acceptance of the proposition offered by 8th-century English scholar St. Bede, according to which, Easter owes its origin to the old Teutonic mythology.

Easter Island

Easter Island has been synonymous with the huge, spectacular stone mololiths, known as Moais, which once dotted its landscape. Located over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center, (Tahiti and Chile), it is one of the most isolated places on Earth. In the 1860s, Tahitian sailors gave the island the name Rapa Nui, meaning ‘Great Rapa’ due to its resemblance to another island in Polynesia.


A Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using called “batik”, a generic wax-resist dyeing technique used on fabric. The word “Pysanka” is derived from the verb Pysaty that means “to write”. This name signifies the art of Pysanka where the as the designs are not painted on, but actually written with the help of beeswax.

When Is Easter

One of the holiest festivals of Christians, Easter commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus after his Crucifixion. Like the origin of the festival, the precise date of Easter Sunday too has been a matter of contention. Easter and the holidays that are related to it are movable feasts, in that they do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian or Julian calendars (which follow the motion of the sun and the seasons).

Easter Candy

The festival of Easter is a festive occasion for Christians all over the world. It is a glorious day to let loose all the tensions of everyday life and indulge oneself in the merrymaking. A number of interesting customs are followed, which add to the frivolous nature of the festival. The tradition of the exchange of Easter candles, gifts and candies is followed since ages.

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