Diwali Puja Thali Decoration: Hindu Culture & Tradition

Diwali Puja Thali Decoration in Hindus

Diwali Puja Thali Decoration in Hindus: Though people often relate Diwali to the crackers, lights and sweets, the most important aspect of the Diwali is the Lakshmi-Ganesh Poojan. People all over India worship the Goddess of Wealth and the God of Wisdom this day in order to seek wisdom and prosperity in their home. The Lakhsmi-Ganesh Poojan is a very elaborate affair where the entire family sits together and offers prayers to the deities with several auspicious materials like flowers, sandalwood, kumkum, aroma sticks, diya and panchamrits.

In order to accumulate the entire Pooja material, it is always advisable to arrange them into a Pooja Thali. Though the decorated Diwali pooja thalis containing all the puja accessories can be purchased from the market but the satisfaction and the pleasure of decorating this special thali yourself is a divine feeling. Decoration of a pooja thali is not a very tedious phenomenon; in fact if you have a little interest in arts and crafts, making this thali would be an interesting activity for you.

You can also take guidelines from the tips given below.

Diwali Puja Thali Decoration:

  • Take a thali of your choice, made of steel, gold, silver, brass or any other metal. This thali could be in various shapes like round, oval or any other. It would be preferable if you chose a thali with little engravings and designs as you will need to decorate them much.
  • Cover the thali with colorful designer packing paper sheet or cloth and put all the pooja accessories in the thali. Alternatively, you can also spread ghee or butter on the plate and take some roli in a small bowl and mix little water in it to make a paste and draw the holy symbols such as the ‘Om’, the ‘Swastika‘ and the ‘Shree‘ on the thali with the roli paste.
  • You can cover the thali with the betel leaves, which will make your thali look green, and when you put the colorful puja accessories in the thali, it will look just beautiful.
  • Cover the puja thali with petals of flowers like marigold, rose or any other. Decorate various designs with single color petals or a combination of different colors.
  • You can also decorate your puja thali with different rangoli colors and place diyas over it.
  • You can also decorate the thali with rice grains and vermilion and place some flowers over it along with Diyas and incense sticks.
  • If you want to be experimental with your pooja thali you can also decorate it with water paint by making different kinds of colorful motifs like swastika and Om. If you are not adept at painting designs, then you can also paste stickers on the thali. It is advisable to choose patterns that look ethnic and truly Indian.

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