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Diwali Candles: Types of Deepavali Candles

Diwali Candles: A festival of lights, Diwali celebrates the victory of divine spirit over the evil. Apart from the exchange of sweets and gifts, new clothes, shopping and fireworks, illumination of premises with diyas and electric lights plays a prominent part of the festival. By lighting candles in every nook and corner of the home and premises, we try to destroy the reign of darkness, on the night of Diwali. While lighting earthen diyas is the traditional way to celebrate Diwali, candles have gained popularity, for the festival of Diwali. Apart from being superior to diyas in terms of attractiveness, candles burn for a longer time, as compared to them.

These candles are available for different price ranges, to satisfy every kind of consumer, in India. Numerous types of candles have been literally flooding the market. The candle business has gained considerable success over the passing time, because it is believed that lighting candles in home on Diwali brings in the positive spirits. The collection of candles is an ideal to be used for your Diwali puja and for decorating your home. They make perfect gift items as well. Read more about the different types of candles, in the following lines.

Types Of Diwali Candles

Tea light Candles: Diwali Candles

Made of high quality wax, tea light candles are scented ones, which can burn for many hours. Tea light candles are safe and perfect for lighting crackers.

Designer Candles

A nice way to brighten up your home on Diwali is to make use of designer candles. Depending upon your budget, purchase some designer candles.

Gel Candles

Gel candles come in set of petite glass pots that contain colored gel in them. Apart from illuminating your home on Diwali, gel candles can serve as beautiful decorative items.

Flower Candles: Diwali Candles

A variant of decorative candles, flower candles comes with a mini glass filled with colorful wax. Sunflower candles are in hot trend. Other types of flower candles include roses, lilies and orchids. Flower candles are beautiful ornamental show pieces as well.

Sparkling Candles

Sparkling candles look very charming and attractive. With the glory of their sparkles, they would make your Diwali truly bright and sparkling.

Perfumed Candles

Perfumed candles are molded in small containers. When illuminated, they would fill the ambience with soothing fragrance and boost up the festive spirit of your family and friends.

Handmade Candles

There are handmade designer candles available in shapes of various fruits such as apple, orange, mango, lemon etc. and colored accordingly. These candles when lighted fill in your ambience with the lights of joy.

Cylindrical Candles

Cylindrical candles are molded as tall cylindrical glass shaped containers. The glass containers are designed with the images of Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi ji, swastik, om, shree and many other symbols.

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