Chocolate Easter Eggs

Chocolate Easter Eggs: In history of Christianity and Easter Celebrations

Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Easter. The first Sunday after the first full moon, immediately after the vernal equinox, is the Easter Sunday. Easter is the time for self reflection and re-evaluation of oneself. The custom of Easter egg is historically associated with a pagan celebration of spring and fertility which was later incorporated into Christianity. No matter what the origins of Easter eggs are, they add a touch of fun, laughter and happiness to an Easter celebration.

Easter Chocolate

Happy Easter Eggs
Happy Easter Eggs

If you are a Easter chocolate lover, then go for a chocolate Easter eggs and double the joys. Chocolate Easter eggs are a very recent phenomenon in the history of Christianity and Easter celebrations.

They were first made in France and Germany in early 19th century and later spread throughout Europe. In the beginning, solid chocolate Easter eggs were made. In later years, they were made hollow. Today it is quite easy to make a hollow chocolate Easter egg thanks to the good quality of chocolate we use which makes it very convenient to handle. In olden days making a hollow chocolate Easter egg was tough as it was ground roasted Cacao beans which were made into a paste for making hollow chocolate Easter eggs.

19th century again saw a revolution in the chocolate making process. It was modernized to a great extent with chocolate being produced on a large scale during this period. Around this time, chocolate Easter eggs became quite popular in England and other parts of Europe. Gradually their popularity spread all over the world and it became established by the 1960’s.

You can gift your loved ones chocolate Easter eggs made of various types of chocolate. You can also select from machine made and handmade ones. The handmade chocolate Easter eggs are more expensive though. Chocolate Easter eggs can be made up of:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • White chocolate

You can get different patterns of designs on your chocolate Easter egg. You can even choose a chocolate Easter egg filled with an assortment of goodies such as fruit truffles, liqueur creams, chocolate fudge, liqueur marzipan, etc. Some stores provide you with chocolate Easter eggs decorated with ribbons etc. and sell them in specially crafted boxes. You can shop for your chocolate Easter egg at a local store or shop online.

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