Childrens Day Games: Kids Funny Party Games

Children’s Day Games: Kids Funny Party Games

Children’s Day Games: 14th November marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister after independence. The same day is being celebrated as Children’s Day in India since Nehru loved children and made great efforts for their education and development. He had been bestowed upon with the title of Chacha Nehru by the kids out of respect. The festival is commemorated on the national level with all schools and educational institutions celebrating it with great splendor and grandeur.

Different cultural programs and other events are organized on this day for the kids. Various activities and competitions, such as singing, dancing, painting, story telling, elocution, debates, arts and crafts, and so on, for the kids. Participation are made on an extensive level and prizes are distributed to the winning entries. Kids also mark the day in their own festive manner. They arrange parties and get-together with their friends. And with parties, games cannot be left behind. This section brings you a number of games that you can include to add to your party environment. Go through the lines below and find your choice of game.

Children’s Day Games: Funny Party Games

Guessing Game

Among the games for Children’s Day, guessing game is a good bet. It is a good challenging game that helps kids to sharpen their memory. The game includes describing objects without using their names. Fun and entertaining, the game is a great pastime to enjoy with friends.

Dress-Up Relay

Various games are organized in schools and Children’s Day parties. One game that you can resort to is dress-up relay. This relay game combines two different activities, dressing up and racing. A great way to polish the multitasking capacity in children!

Face Charades

Face Charades is different from the regular charades, thereby giving kids a chance to play and experience something different. The game requires the players to guess the feelings that a person is portraying at that time. While in charades, body parts can be used to enact the given phrase, face charades uses only face and head.

Beetle Game

The beetle game is an easy and interesting game that can be played anywhere. The main idea of the game is to draw a beetle the fastest. Go through the lines below to know the rules for playing the beetle game.

Duck, Duck, Goose Game

Duck, duck, goose is a classic racing game that keeps the kids engaged. The best part about this game is that it can be played in the playground in schools and in parties as well. The game is best played with more players. The more number of players, the more the fun!

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