Childrens Day Games: Kids Funny Party Games

Children’s Day Games: Kids Funny Party Games

Children’s Day Games: Face Charades

How To Play Face Charades, Playing Face Charades

In India, Children’s Day marks the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The festival is celebrated on 14th November to honor Nehru’s love for kids. All the schools across India indulge in celebrating the occasion through different programs and events. Games too make a great attraction. Charades are a classic game that can be played anytime, anywhere. However, when it is face charades, the game has a twist. It is different from the regular charades, thereby giving kids a chance to play and experience something different. The game requires the players to guess the feelings that a person is portraying at that time. While in charades, body parts can be used to enact the given phrase, face charades uses only face and head. Learn how to play this fascinating game by scrolling through the lines below.

How To Play Face Charades: Children’s Day Games

Things Required

  • Pens / Pencils
  • Paper
  • Cup / Hat

How to Play

  • Ask each player to jot down 3 or 4 different feelings or emotions on different pieces of paper.
  • Fold up the pieces and collect them in a cup or hat.
  • Now, each player takes a turn and draws out an emotion from the hat.
  • The emotion so drawn out will have to be enacted by the player for the other payers to guess.
  • The player can neither make any sound nor move any part of his body. He can only use his face and head to act the emotion so mentioned in the chit. No hands, arms, legs or other body motions are allowed.
  • The person who guesses the emotion right takes the next turn and the game continues till all the chits in the hat are enacted.
  • Some of the feelings and emotions that can be included in the game include happiness, sadness, shyness, surprise, hunger, anger, love, confusion, fright, sleepiness, disgust, boredom, depression, embarrassment, fear, hatred, jealousy, pride, worry and so.

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