Chhath Pooja Significance: Hindu Culture & Tradition

Chhath Pooja Significance In Hindu Culture

Chhath Pooja Significance In Hindu Culture & TraditionChhath Pooja a prominent “Vrat” of Northern India is a symbol of spiritual purity and perseverance. Now it is rapidly spreading its roots firmly in other states of India. Since Maharashtra is one of the biggest abodes of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh people, this Puja is celebrated with deep religious fervor and faith. The serenity and strictness of the “Chhath Vrat” is manifested by the devotees performing “Pooja” on the riverbank or on the embankment of a pond. Nagpur (Madhya Pradesh), by virtue of its central location, enjoys a cosmopolitan culture.

Chhath Pooja Significance

Different voluntary Organizations are working hard to provide the required facilities to the devotees to offer “Arghaya” (offering sacred water and milk to Lord Surya, the setting sun and the rising sun – the following morning). It is a spectacular scene watching the lady worshipers, observing strict fast (even without taking water), standing in the water of the lake holding their offerings of Naivedyas, fruits, with “Deepak” to God Aditya (Sun God) with such deep devotion that nothing but serenity pervades the air mingled with the sweet hymns of “Chhatt” like “O Chhatthi Maiya, Karab Raori Seva, Raoure Sevaitye Mora Nirmal Kaya“. Which means “O mother Chhatth, I will serve you with dedication. Your service helps me to keep my soul so pure”. The other members of the family and friends throng the place lighting crackers, singing chhath geet and enjoying fun and fare.

Since it is the effort of a few worshipers to implant this ‘Vrat’ in the soil of Maharashtra, steps are being taken to provide certain required facilities. The main requirement is to construct proper ‘Ghats’ – that is steps to descend into the water and stand steadily knee deep in the water to offer obeisance to the lord.

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