Scorpio Horoscope - वृश्चिक राशि

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope July 2022

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)

  • Loyal and trustworthy
  • Passionate
  • Charismatic and mystifying
  • Caring and patient
  • Becomes jealous easily
  • Stubborn
  • Sensitive
  • Egoistic
Date Range: October 23 – November 21
Symbol: The Scorpion
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Quality: Fixed
Element: Water
Basic Trait: I Desire
Closest Metal: Plutonium
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Maroon and Red
Lucky Gems: Topaz
Lucky Flowers: Geranium and Honeysuckle

Scorpio, with the symbol of ‘The Scorpion’, is one of the three water signs of the zodiac. One of the first things that you notice about Scorpios are their eyes; they will be very intense and totally hypnotic. Infact, many people find it very difficult to stand steady under a Scorpio‘s constant gaze. His eyes seem to be penetrating your soul, knowing your deepest secrets and desires. The truth is, more often than not, they are. Scorpios have a big ego. They know what they are and what they are not. It doesn’t matter what you think about them.

They are immune to both comments as well as compliments, because they know whether they are right or wrong. A Scorpio has perfect control over his emotions and he always retains his faultless poise. You will hardly see his emotions being reflected on his face, whether it’s a blush or a flush. Infact, Scorpios deliberately practice a vacant look. The same goes for their body posture also, you will hardly see them pacing around in nervousness. However, behind this impeccable composure is their torrid inner nature.

However, they will always try to probe you, your nature and your motives. Fierce determination is a typical Scorpio personality trait. He has a strong willpower and is not the one to accept defeat easily. The characteristic profile of a Scorpio also tells us that he is honest, to the point of hurting someone. If you have asked for his opinion, you will get the brutal truth, without any sugar coating. He never gives false compliments and does not know how to flatter. However, if he does say something nice to you, be sure that it is truly sincere and is coming straight from the heart.

If you ask a Scorpio for a favor, it will be either a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, not something like ‘I will try’. If he really likes you, he will go out of the way to help you. You never have neutral feelings for a Scorpio; you will either be amongst his dedicated admirers or malicious enemies. However, no one challenges him openly, not even the most spiteful enemy. Scorpios have this lingering charm around them and are extremely sympathetic towards the sick or miserable. They are fearless and can stand anything from physical pain to poverty.

They have complete confidence in themselves and know that they shall pass through this also. A Scorpio is extremely loyal and will go to the length of laying down his life for his loved ones. He has an exceptionally good memory. He never forgets an act of benevolence and always remembers to repay it. Similarly, a Scorpio also remembers any pain caused to him, though the reaction may differ. An eagle will crush the enemy; a scorpion will meticulously plan and demolish the enemy, while the lizard will keep it inside him for years and may harm himself in the process.

Scorpio loves to play with danger. At the same time, he is interested in religion and curious about all the aspects of life as well as death. If you are close to him, you will feel extremely protected and cared for. He is also fiercely possessive of what he believes to be his. If a Scorpio really wants to do something, it will never remain a dream forever. He will find one or the other way to get what he wants. He is very passionate about everything around, even his home. However, beneath his tough exterior is a gentle heart that knows how to love and care.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope By Anupam V Kapil: 27 June – 03 July, 2022

The winds of fate are about to blow you in a new direction. Don’t struggle against what is happening because it will make it seem as if you are up against powers that are beyond your control. Maybe you are but they mean you no harm. Any delays will reveal new information, potential costly errors and better options that will enable you to make much better choices. Stress from overwork could have you feeling weaker than usual. You might be tempted to stay at home, get some rest, and recoup your energies. Do this if you can. Otherwise, you may not be able to give your project the concentration it needs, and therefore may not accomplish as much as you think you should.

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