Annual Wellness Forecast 2021: Anupam Kapil

Annual Wellness Forecast 2021: Anupam V Kapil

Celebrity astro-numerologist Anupam V Kapil examines your period of ill-health and advises on healthy food and nutrition base on your sun sign…

Aries: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Your zodiacal consti-tution suggests that you need exercise and enough cold-pressed oils for good brain function. Kidney is-sues and hormonal imbalances must be watched out for. Avoid excessive intake of sweets. Injuries to head and face, fever, eye complaints, mania, headaches, meningitis – Arians must guard against these. You respond well to colour therapy, green and blue are the most helpful colours. There might be issues in the upper intestinal organs and liver-pancreas function. In 2021, your sign lord Mars, which governs your health, is afflicted quite a few times. Periods of caution would be when Sun conjoins Saturn and Jupiter between January 14 and February 14 and square aspects of Saturn with Mars warn of rush of blood to the head. Other sensitive periods are Febniary 21 to April 12, but particularly, March 15 to 31 when Mars and Rahu conjoin in the second house. Watch out for ENT / eye issues then. From May 13 to 18 and August 7 to 16, you may ex-perience drying and heating up of the bones, bringing ligament / tendon injury, muscle cramps, cartilage issues, bone fractures, skin irrita-tions. December 9 to 15 shall also be quite tough when Mars meets Ketu bringing increase in acidity, be alert to hidden bleeding, increase in rash, acne and vomiting. This can be controlled by reducing all acids from the diet. You need enough of Vitamins K, B12, C and D this year, especially between January 15 to April 15 and November 15 to December 15. Eat more of watermelon, tomatoes, papaya, citrus fruits, onions, oranges and sfrawberries and drink fortified milk and milk prdducts to stay healthy.

Taurus: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Generally, you have good health, but most problems arise from overeating of inappropriate foods. There is a tendency towards tonsillitis, throat and vocal chord afflictions, dental / jaw complaints, TMJ, neck problems and salivary gland obstruction. Harmonies, in the form of sound, taste or smell are helpful and can heal you. You are prone to get addicted to food that can lead to obesity. Constipation, abscesses, boils can be experienced. Weakness may be present in kidneys, ovaries and lumber area. Uterus, prostrate, bladder, ex-cretory system and arterial circu-lation and lower spinal nerves need attention. You need more of iodine for normal thyroid function. In 2021, caution periods are March 15 – 31 (Mars-Rahu conjunct), there can be risk of head injuries / aihnents connected with head. Remedies of Mars and Rahu are vital to reduce negative impact. Smokers and alcoholics must take great care between May 13 to 18. Those with cardiac issues need to take great care between Au-gust 7and 16. Physical and mental unrest due to excessive thinking is seen, yoga and meditation will help. Eat more of milk and milk products like cheese and eggs. Fruits and veg-gies like carrots, melons, grapefruit, oranges, peaches and broccoli would help. You need more of blue light and cool gems in the difficult periods in-dicated above. Blueberries, blue-skinned fruits, grapes and plums would be specially helpful. Increase intake of Vitamin A and C.

Gemini: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Most of your problems stem from stress. Lungs, arms, shoulder blades, the diaphragm are weak areas and must be taken care of. You are prone to asthma, bronchial complaints, neurological problems, junk food addiction and neurological burn out. Quit smoking. Irregular sleep and poor diet will put strain on your nervous system. Nourishing the nervous system and lungs will go a longWay to main-tain health. Mineral rich foals, herbs will help a lot. Leg exercise and muscular aerobics are must for you. Nervous exhaustion, speech and cogni-tive disorders, insomnia and nervousness – these can be experienced. Hidden issues may be present in the bladder, bones, knees and joints. Cultivate calm, mental and physical, and get plenty of exercise in the open air. Walking rather than running is recommended. In 2021, difficult transits of planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Venus in your eighth house towards the beginning of the year can affect you in January / February. For ill-health around March / June, remedies for Saturn are necessary. Increased expenditure on health-related issues, either for self or family, will be noticed. Your liver might get weakened orsluggish and health needs a lot of, attention. If you have chronic diseases, recovery with remedial measures is possible. You shall be healed of unwanted period of stress and strain. Guard your health till April 2021, especially, if suffering from chronic disease. During the same period, your father’s health will be precarious. You need foods rich,in yellow and purple. Have almonds, asparagus, blueberry, buckwheat, cinnamon, coconut, lettuce, mustard, apricot, peach, pineapple, pecan, wheat, wine and wheat bran. You require Vitamin A in January and February and Vitamins B6, C and K along with calcium. Vitamin B1 is a must for you as Mercury rules the nervous system.

Cancer: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Cancer Health issues that you must always be careful of are edema, depression, sun intolerance, weak stomach and lungs, allergies and fatigue. You are very sensitive to temperature change, so avoid prolonged heat exposure. The stomach being sensitive, you are prone to eating disorders, food addictions / compulsive eating. Avoid overeating, excessive alcohol intake and self-indulgences of all kinds. Guard against asthma and over-straining of vocal chords. Nervous exhaustion is always a problem and so are allergies. You are acutely sensitive to sound and bright light. Serene and calm music is as important as good food for you. You need to take care of your health throughout the year as the sixth lord Jupiter and eighth lord Saturn are making unfavourable combinations. Periods of caution are January, February, May, June. April to mid-September is also a period when some disease may crop up, suddenly. Special care needs to be taken of the liver and you are prone to water infections, chills and cold this year. Your lungs, stomach and glandular system require tonification. Moonlight has a magical effect on you. You need extra calcium in your diet with milk and dairy prod-ucts. You need potassium and. B2 (Riboflavin), almonds, yogurt, cheese, wheat germs, eggs, potatoes, beet greens, peaches, prunes, dried fruits.

Leo: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Though you have a good vitality, you are prone to have rapid heart beat and can suffer from issues like dehydration, stroke, sun-stroke, paralysis, heat stroke, back injury and hypertension. Salt consumption must be restricted. Make sure you breath correctly and don’t work too early or too late. You are likely to suffer from problems connected with the heart and back and eye diseases. Avoid temporal and physical over-exertion. Also, you must be beware of over-indulgence. Walking is really good for you. Magnesium phosphate cell salt is also good for promoting cell building in nerve and lung tis-sue. Make sure you have a firm bed and your chair is correct for you, avoid straining the back by working on your posture. You must drink plenty of water. Significant changes in lifestyle are indicated as Jupiter enters your sixth house which rules over your health, hygiene, diseases, debts and enemies. However, conjunction of combust eighth lord Jupiter and sixth lord Saturn will give some health issues from January 19 to February 12. Moreover, you need to guard your health, especially the arterial system. Other periods of caution are May 13 to 18, June / July / August. Be careful of injuries to the legs and head at that time. Strengthen Jupiter and do remedies of Mars. Quick recovery of health issues, if any, by change in diet and lifestyle are indicated. You need to manage your diet; limit intake of alcohol so that the liver doesn’t get weak between May and September. You require more of Vitamin A, D and C and iodine and manganese. Weak circulation can be treated with Vitamin E. Fruits like melons, pumpkins, plums, lemons, mangoes, apricots, orange, veggies like carrots and dry fruits like brazil nuts and almonds are good for your sign to keep healthy.

Virgo: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Generally, you have good health, but you are given to worrying, which can bring on nervous exhaustion. Do not overdo things. Being an earth sign, walking is the best exercise for you. Though one of the most health conscious signs, you must pay great attention to your diet and your digestive organs. Virgo rules the stomach, nervous system and throat besides the digestive system. Work often affects your health. Do not try many kinds of new food, fatty food are not good for you. Constipation is an early sign of a stressed Virgo. Headaches and migraine are the perfect clue that something is not agreeing with you. You are prone to insomnia and subsequent neurological burnout. You need more sleep, rest and do nothing for some time. The liver is fussy. You often suffer from malnourishment or self-starvation. You are prone to pancreatitis, liver and gallbladder problems, and dia-betes. You are also prone to mineral deficiency and premature greying. Issues related to head, eyes, brain, lymphatic system, feet might be seen. Sleep disoders can be corrected, dry lavender flowers can be used to perfume your linen. You need to watch out for build up of uric acid. Hernia, dysentery, anxiousness, diabetes, appendicitis, hernia are associated with your sign. Caution periods of health in 2021 are April, August, September and December. Zinc lozenges are good for your throat problems. You catch colds more easily than other signs and the key to good health is to find a way to avoid colds and flus. Tomatoes, celery and lemons are good for you. You need foods that have violet and gold rays and foods rich in potassium. Have avocados, green olives, bananas, barley, peach, prunes, soybeans, lima beans, yogurt, orange juice, tomato juice, dried fruits. Vita-min B1 is needed for you; pine nuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, brown. rice, legumes and chickpeas are good for your health.

Libra: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Fresh air is a vital for air signs like Libra. Your sign is all about balance. Have the right amount of food and eat in comfortable, harmonious surroundings. You can suffer from stress and the key is to not get involved in problems that are not yours to solve. Be careful of sugar addiction, kidney disease, lumbago, ovarian problems, alcoholism and glandular imbalances. Weaknesses may lie in the lymphatic filtration and the feet. Pay attention to head, brain, eyes and adrenal action. However, the kidneys are the main thing. You need to drink plenty of liquids to constantly flush the system. Cran-berry is good for cystitis and kidney problems. In 2021, the caution periods for health are April / May / September, be careful of heart and knees this year If you are having problems with your skin, you need Vitamin A and E which are there in green leafy vegetables; aloe vera gel is also good for skin. You need more of copper in your body and must eat more of cashew nut, brazil nut, walnut, oatmeal, mushroom, barley, lentils. Fruits and vegetables that are red and yellow in colour and that grow above the ground are good for you, like apricot, celery, mushroom, cabbage, mint, cherry, clove, grapefruit, lemon, oats, onion, parsley, rhubarb, tomato, and wheat.

Scorpio: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Scorpio Scorpios are prone to diseases that affect the bladder and organs of generation. The heart, thr-oat and circulation are likely to be affected, as will be the sinus. If you live a sedentary life, you might fall ill. Avoid excessive alcohol intake. You are prone to acne,profuse sweating and dangerous nosebleeds. Your excretory system works overtime, alkaline diets are best for you. Have lots of water. You do well with lymphatic clearing herbs. Common conditions you suffer from are nasal infection, bladder infection, bacterial overgrowth in the colon, prostate issues, fungus, haemorrhoids, hernia, appendicitis, colitis, prolapsed uterus, and genital, sexual issues. Visualisation techniques are very effective for your sign. Attend to the toxic clearance of the blood, lymphatics, kidneys and bacterial balance of the colon. Weakness may be seen in the upper lungs and bronchial tubes. Your sign lord Mars is frequently afflicted this year, periods of caution are January, February, March 15 to 31 when Mars and Rahu conjoin in the seventh house; watch out for problems indicated above then. From May 13 to 18, August 7 to 16, and then December 9 to 15 – be cautious. You require more of red and deep scarlet coloured foods and need large amount of liquids. So eat more fruit and vegetables that are watery and red and yellow in hue. Apricots, cabbage, chestnut, cloves, grapefruit, lemon, lettuce, oats, onion, pineapple, sprouts and wine are good for your health. You require more of Vitamin B 12, cobalt, folic acid, copper, iron and vitamins for your muscle health this year as Mars will be afflicted often. Nuts, legumes, raisin, cherry juice, cashew, sesame seed, walnut and barley will help.

Sagittarius: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Sagittarius rules the hips, thigh, nerves and arteries. Take plenty of exercise and stay outdoors, swimming and walking are very good for you. Eat simple food and avoid gout, rheumatism and ailments of the hips and thighs. But don’t worry too much about your health. Your disposition may be nervous but your constitution is sound. Panic attack, spinal cord disease, tremor, bipolar disorder and opting for self-medication are not uncommon to your sign. You are prone to hypertension and strokes, restlessness and insomnia, femur injury and unevenleg growth. Balance muscular activity with mental activity. Strengthen the lungs, the bronchial tubes may require extra care. You will do well with cooling fruits and salads. Reduce excess heat in the liver and heart. Attend to spinal subluxations and back problems. In 2021, take special care of your lungs, you may suffer from frigidity and premature ejaculation. Health of self and happiness of / from children may get affected, especially in May and August. Mars-Saturn opposition and shaclashtak in June-July which will be troublesome to health. Healthwise, legs and eyes are vulnerable. Surgeries too are very likely, but avoid sur-geries in May and December. Remedies of Saturn are most important. May to July is a very tough period, enemies wffi be troublesome. You lack the red and gold rays, and so need food rich in these colours. Beetroot, celery, cherry, onion, tomato, strawberry, apricot, papaya, peach, carrot, orange, rhubarb, red plum, pineapple are good for your health. You require Vitamin B6 and avocados, bananas, soybeans, sunflower seeds. Herbal teas will relax you. Eat foods that are rich in calcium and magnesium to strengthen your bones.

Capricorn: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

You will find it necessary to give a strict attention to diet selection. Calcium balance is essential for you. Stay away from smoke. The chief health problems stem from the bones and joints, and you face issues such as arthritis, rheumatism, knee problenis and cramps. There are also problems of brittle nails, mineral and vitamin deficiencies. Most of you have faulty breathing, correct your posture. You are particularly susceptible to inflammatory conditions. You should not dwell upon your troubles, real or imaginary, but seek the companionship of cheerful people. Avoid sweets or too concentrated foods and drink plenty of water between meals. You are highly prone to uterine fibroids, weakness in heart, gallbladder, bronchial tubes, nerves and lungs. Try to maintain the moisture of your skin. Watch out for food allergies. Your ruler Saturn shall be in affliction in January so you need to be very cau-tious of your health as Sun will join Saturn and Jupiter in your sign. Cautious periods in 2021 are January 10 to 17 and March 15 to 31, take care of headrelated problems / injuries then. Later, from August 7 to 16, injuries are possible. The arterial and venous system of the body is more prone to problems, Vitamin D, E, almonds and sunlight will act like saviours. Foods of dark green hues and root vegetables shall be good for you. Black olives, kale, milk, prunes, broccoli, celery, grape, lettuce, pea, pear, lungwort tea, sunflower seed, spinach, soybean and sprouts must be taken for good health. You require folic acid too.

Aquarius: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Aquarius rules the legs, ankles, teeth and circulation and the heart and throat. Legs can be prone to problems. You feel the cold more than the average person and it is essential you keep warm, particularly your feet. Poor blood circula-tion and low blood pressure are typical complaints for Aquarians. Replacement light therapy is very good for you, as you are prone to light deficiency, fatigue and depression. Loneliness is common and the heart muscle is often weak in your sign. Vitamins A, B, E, magnesium, and iodine in food will help you. Mineral-rich herbs and foods that support and strengthen the nervous system will be of significant help to you. Guard against physical inertia, have plenty of sleep and fresh air. A simple but nourishing diet is essential for your wellbeing. If you live a sedentary life, you are likely to suffer from constipation, which will result in autointoxication, if nothing more serious; the greatest danger to you is from infection. Never neglect any abra-sions or indications of blood poisoning or live in a malarial at-mosphere. Take care of your eyes, as you are prone to devel-op weak eye sight. Also care of legs / bones must be taken in January / May / June / September. You must include foods rich in calcium and take enough sunlight or supplements so that you don’t suffer from insufficiency in Vitamin D3 levels. Fruits like grape, pear, melon, blueberry, plum, and veggies like po-tatoes and parsnips shall be good for your health.

Pisces: Annual Wellness Forecast 2021

Pisces is the sign of the feet, you respond well to gentle and holistic treatments like homeopathy, foot reflexology, Bach flower remedies and consumption of more of Vitamin A and dairy foods. Watch out for swollen ankles and water retention. Foot massages are important for you, you can also take footbaths by adding a few drops of mint, rosemary, camomile or lavender oil to the water. You are affected by chills, gout and sluggishness of the liver. For any chest problems, use Omega 3 oil. Pisces being a water sign responds best to water treatment. A weak immune system requires you to protect yourself with antiviral and antibacterial herbs. Sleepiness, painful feet, lymphatic swelling, lung sensitivity, excessive sex drive and edema are issues you need to contend with. Take care of your lungs and your intestinal tract as you are prone to chronic complaints, including pneumonia and TB. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise and conserve your energy. Stay away from liquor and all forms of self-indulgence. Pure water and alternative blood clearing herbs are most helpful to you. As you are sensitive to sound, keep away from constant beeping noises or loud noises; beautiful music is very important for you. Cautious periods of health for you in 2021 are May, June and August to November. Guard against putting on weight and cholesterol. Sign lord Jupiter is rendered weak due to combustion till February, remedies of Jupiter and Mars are necessary. You need root vegetables and tropical fruits. Vitamin B6 is important. Consume avocado, banana, soybean and sunflower seed.

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