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Population Explosion - English Poetry about Population

Population Explosion: English Poetry about Population

We need more population
So no need to have atomic explosion
Why do we need tsunami and atomic radiation?
When there are enough hurdles for poverty alleviation

How will you interfere with God’s will?
When it will amount to criticism or religion’s kill
Who will make all the necessary propaganda?
When it is forgotten in our agenda

We are our own enemy
We need pray for it to almighty
We are not worried about population control
As it may bring our natural down fall

We have mastered the in burning grain
Rot them in open so as to be spoiled in rain
Why poor should get up to it?
Why should we remove their curse as glorious feat?

We will take all precautions not to do anything
Let population double and we be known for something
“Most populous country in world” to feel proud
Everything looks in order and economy looks very sound

We swallow not in million or billions
Let many corrupt are sent in jails or pavilions
We care for no sentiments or religions
We have strong alliance and firm allegiance

Poverty must stay in country as permanent feature
We must take all the relevant steps and assure
Let poor die of hunger and starvation
We will maintain harmony and relation

No one may raise even little finger
Public is looked upon as strangers
They come in picture only once in limited span
They have all the strategy to counter the plan

Let politicians fool no more
Let good people take over and explore
If tolerance is about cross its threshold
They will be wiped out once for all and loose the hold

We are duty bound and obey divine call
The bread and cloth must be provided to all
Let the strong warning be served on those violators
Who are responsible for crimes as instigators?

Hasmukh Amathalal

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