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What does Langar mean in Sikhism?

What does Langar mean in Sikhism?

The Sikh Gurdwaras are not only places of worship but also the training center of service. Such service as sweeping the precincts, serving drinking water to the thirsty, fanning the congregation in hot weather and serving food to the hungry have always formed an integral part of the factions in a Sikh shrine. Of these, Langar is perhaps the most important. A Sikh Gurdwara without a free kitchen is inconceivable.

What does Langar mean in Sikhism?Everybody welcome in a Gurdwara. But Gurdwara has some principles. A person should not enter in a Gurdwara if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, carrying alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and meat. Anyone entering the Gurdwara must remove their shoes and cover their heads.

The Guru Granth Sahib is installed in its own room under a canopy. As a mark of respect, anyone entering the room should kneel in front of the Guru Granth Sahib and touch their forehead to the floor. There is usually a box in front of the canopy where worshipers can place their offerings- of money or food for the Langar.

The Langar in Gurdwara’s is a community kitchen. Every Sikh is expected to take part in the running of the community kitchen. Community pays for the expenses, bring provisions or personally contribute labour of love, by cleaning utensils, fetching water or fuel, or taking a hand in cooking and distributing food. Langar is one of the corner of the Sikh religion and a symbol of equality.

Langar is Persian word meaning:

  • An asylum for the poor and the destitute,
  • The house or monastery of the Sufi dervishes,
  • An alms-house,
  • A public kitchen kept by a great man for his followers and dependents, the Holy men and the needy.

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