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How to fast and stay healthy this Navratri

How to fast and stay healthy this Navratri

Fasting for nine days during the Navratri festival will not harm your health if you learn how not to starve or eat later in a balanced manner, experts suggest.

Dr Anup Dhir, senior consultant at Apollo Hospitals, stresses that devotees should not gorge on fried or oily food as this will result in high-calorie intake and add fat to the body.

“Buck wheat or ‘kuttu ka atta’ which is most commonly consumed during the festival is extremely high in calorie count. Potato is also considered as a staple vegetable during this festival and amounts to an extremely high carbohydrate intake. People should consume them as little as possible,” Dhir told.

According to experts, fasting is good till the time devotees do it with certain precautions.

“Having small frequent meals at regular intervals, keeping themselves hydrated and avoiding overeating are key to make the most out of fasting,” Kanika Malhotra, senior nutritionist at the Health Care at Home India in the Capital, told.

If people manage to fast properly, it can work wonders for overall health.

According to celebrity chef Izzat Hussain, one should try to avoid fried and processed products and choose fruits and fresh juices while fasting.

“This is what we do during Ramadan. We fast till the evening and eat only healthy food and fruits to manage the energy requirements of the body,” he said.

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