Too much of Social Media causes Depression

Mental Depression: Tips to overcome depression

Isolation, Physical weakness, inexplicable sadness are comparatively more in old age. Retirement from work, disengagement from a social life and in many cases, when we love someone, which will happen sooner or later (unfortunately much sooner for some people), can lead to mental depression are familiar reality.

Few healthy tips to cope up with Mental Depression:

  • Speak I such a way that others may love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others may love to speak to you.
  • Expose yourself to sunshine within 3 hours of sunrise or within 3 hours of sunset for about 15 minutes every day. Lack of sunlight can make depression worse.
  • Optimism: Positive thinking can push open the blocked passages of the mind caused by negative thoughts (anger, hatred, jealously, sadness etc) and waste thoughts (thinking too much about the past and about others). If negative thoughts keep on collecting, it can result into mental breakdown. The antidotes for negative thoughts are positive thoughts (social connectivity, patience, contentment, prayer, meditation etc).
  • People who continuously sit for hours together, are at a huge risk of depression, diabetes and obesity. Take frequent breaks after every one hour. Just stand up, walk around, arch your back slightly backwards 2-3 times.
  • Express yourself by writing articles, poems on which you have clear views and adequate knowledge. Memorize few good Urdu couplets and tell jokes.
  • Joining a senior citizens association or volunteering for community work can expand your social network.
  • Short supply of blood to the brain can make you depressed and lead to brain hemorrhage. Medical research has found that the tongue has connection with Brain. When our body becomes old and weak, the first sign to appear is that our tongue becomes stiff. Frequent exercising the tongue can stimulate the brain, help to reduce thoughts, throat infection, ear buzzing etc. Each morning when you wash your face in front of a mirror, stretch out your tongue and move it to the right, then to left for 10 times.
  • Yoga is a powerful weapon which can take you out of depression. Stretching and toning the muscles, flexing the spine and focusing the mind inward, reduces stress. That can impact your overall health, since stress plays a role in many illnesses. If you do not have much energy to do yogasans initially, take a short walk, preferably in a park and do pranayam and meditation regularly with self-knowledge or taking expert guidance. Remember skipping pranayama a day amounts to skipping a week. People who are not regular with their practice cannot achieve completely worthwhile.
  • If aforesaid suggestions do not work, consult a doctor (Psychiatrist)
  • Last but not the least, loved ones never depart, They never leave us. We are their reflections. Despite their physical absence, they continue to live in us. “Apna Khayal Khud rakho“.

~ Sudarshan Babbar [981831424]

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