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Thanksgiving Feast: Traditional Turkey Day Meal

Thanksgiving Feast: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving Day is the time when people express thanks gratitude towards the Almighty and prepare a sumptuous and lavish meal, to celebrate the day in a grand way. In fact, organizing a feast is the traditional way to celebrate the festival. Kith and kin gather in the household and enjoy the delectable dishes and drinks. Most of the hosts offer …

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Thanksgiving Prayer For A Good Harvest Season

Thanksgiving Prayer: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when friends and family members get together to celebrate the harvest season and express gratitude for a good harvest. It is observed by preparing delicacies and mouth-watering dishes. Primarily, the festival is celebrated in Canada and the United States, but with globalization and the recent intermingling of different cultures and traditions, it has …

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Thanksgiving Games For Kids

Thanksgiving Games For Kids: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for kids to engage in a variety of games and fun activities. Elder family members can also make children understand the long standing tradition of Thanksgiving through these games, by doing some innovations in the original ones. If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party at your home, you might as well arrange some interesting games …

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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas For Guests & Host

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is an auspicious day, when people share all the good things in their lives, with their families and friends. They arrange Thanksgiving feasts and dinners and invite their friends and neighbors to partake in whatever they can offer to them. Houses are decorated, streets are lined with colorful lights and people get busy preparing mouth-watering delicacies, like roasted turkeys, …

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Thanksgiving Gifts: Gift Ideas For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Gifts: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy primarily in the US, Canada and some other parts of the world, such as Australia, France, Germany and Italy. Celebrators express gratitude to God, for His benign presence in their lives and for all the good things He has bestowed on them. A sumptuous meal is cooked …

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Short Turkey Songs: Thanksgiving Nursery Rhymes

Short Turkey Songs: Thanksgiving Nursery Rhymes

Thanksgiving brings with it the perfect occasion for the recitation of songs. You can either sing them at dinner time or write them on the cards and then exchange them with your friends and relatives. Turkey forms the main dish of the Thanksgiving dinner and runs as the common favorite of everyone. So, making it your theme for Thanksgiving songs …

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Catholic Thanksgiving Prayer For Students

Catholic Thanksgiving Prayer: American Culture & Tradition

On the Thanksgiving Day, Catholics thank the creator of this universe for all the gifts and blessings that He has endowed them with. Family members together read scripture during the Thanksgiving dinner and then, take turns sharing things for which they are most thankful to god. The idea is to express an honest gratitude towards god and celebrate his kind …

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History of Thanksgiving: American & Canada

Thanksgiving has been an annual tradition in the U.S. since centuries, and the present day thanksgiving celebrations are held on the fourth of November across the country. The history of Thanksgiving is woven in many instances of Thanksgiving ceremonies organized throughout the US, owing to different reasons. Settlers from Europe also have also contributed to the Thanksgiving history by organizing …

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A Thanksgiving Day Prayer: Gratitude Prayer

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is the time when we thank the Almighty for his continuous grace. It is a festive occasion celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy in US, Canada and many other countries. On this occasion, families offer prayers to the great Lord, at churches as well as in homes. Customary Thanksgiving prayers are quite popular before the Thanksgiving feast. God is …

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A Prayer Of Thanksgiving: Express Gratitude

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving: American Culture & Tradition

Thanksgiving is a festive occasion, which has a deep religious significance attached to it. Families get together on this day and express heart-felt gratitude towards god for bestowing them with all the good things in life. Members of the family also thank each other for always being a pillar of strength and for their immense love. The great Almighty is …

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