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Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers for Students And Children

Eid-ul-Fitr Prayers: Islamic Culture & Traditions

Eid-ul-Fitr prayers are obligatory for every Muslim and are meant to be offered in congregation. However, in the contemporary celebrations of the festival, many Muslims also pray individually. After the moon of Shawwal is sighted on the last day of Ramadan, the Takbir is recited. The time for Eid prayers is from sunrise till Zuhr. It is also recommended to …

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Eid-ul-Fitr: Eid Poetry For Students And Children

Eid-Ul-Fitr – Obaid Ahmed

Eid-ul-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide as well as in India that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Now that we fasted and did extra good deeds, We celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the two Eids! Allah prescribed two Eids and forbid all other festivals, He told us to worship Him and …

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ईद मुबारक Hindi Poem on Eid Festival

Hindi Poem on Eid Festival ईद मुबारक

ईद मुबारक Hindi Poem on Eid Festival – मुस्लिम समुदाय का सबसे बड़ा पर्व ईद होता है। रमजान का महीना खत्म होने के बाद मीठी ईद मनाई जाएगी। यह पर्व लोगों के बीच प्रेम और भाईचारे का प्रतीक रहा है और साथ ही बच्चे-बड़े ईदी पाने के लिए इस त्योहार का बेसब्री से इंतजार करते हैं। पूरे एक महीने के …

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जश्ने ईद मनाऊँ कैसे: Hindi Poem On Eid Celebration

Hindi Poem About Eid Celebration जश्ने ईद मनाऊँ कैसे

जश्ने ईद मनाऊँ कैसे: Hindi Poem On Eid Celebration – ईद उल-फ़ित्र या ईद उल-फितर मुस्लमान रमज़ान उल-मुबारक के एक महीने के बाद एक मज़हबी ख़ुशी का त्यौहार मनाते हैं। जिसे ईद उल-फ़ित्र कहा जाता है। ये यक्म शवाल अल-मुकर्रम्म को मनाया जाता है। ईद उल-फ़ित्र इस्लामी कैलेण्डर के दसवें महीने शव्वाल के पहले दिन मनाया जाता है। इसलामी कैलंडर के …

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Eid: Short English Poetry on Eid Festival

Eid – Shiba

Eid: Short English Poetry on Eid Festival – India is a country of many religions, who are free to celebrate their festivals and fairs according to their traditions and rituals. Muslims of India are ready to celebrate the biggest Islamic festival called Eid al-Fitr or simply Eid, Means festivity after breaking the fast. Eid is celebrate at the end of Ramadan, the …

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America: A Prophecy – Book by William Blake

America: A Prophecy - Book by William Blake

America: A Prophecy – William Blake The Guardian Prince of Albion burns in his nightly tent, Sullen fires across the Atlantic glow to America’s shore: Piercing the souls of warlike men, who rise in silent night, Washington, Franklin, Paine & Warren, Gates, Hancock & Green; Meet on the coast glowing with blood from Albions fiery Prince. Washington spoke; Friends of …

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Easter Week: Charles Kingsley

Easter Week - Charles Kingsley

Charles Kingsley (12 June 1819 – 23 January 1875) was a broad church priest of the Church of England, a university professor, social reformer, historian, novelist and poet. He is particularly associated with Christian socialism, the working men’s college, and forming labour cooperatives, which failed, but encouraged later working reforms. He was a friend and correspondent of Charles Darwin. Kingsley …

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Easter Wings: Old Classic Easter Poetry

Easter Wings - George Herbert

George Herbert (3 April 1593 – 1 March 1633) was a Welsh-born poet, orator, and priest of the Church of England. His poetry is associated with the writings of the metaphysical poets, and he is recognized as “one of the foremost British devotional lyricists.” He was born into an artistic and wealthy family and largely raised in England. He received …

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Without Easter: Joanna Fuchs Easter Poetry

Without Easter - Joanna Fuchs

Without Easter: Joanna Fuchs Easter Poetry – The story behind Easter lies in the New Testament of the Bible which narrates how Jesus was arrested by the Roman authorities because he claimed to be the Son of God, and later crucified. His resurrection three days later marks the occasion of Easter. Easter is a Christian festival which celebrates the resurrection …

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