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King Shibi: Old Classic Indian Folktales

King Shibi

King Shibi was a great ruler. Everything he did was right and noble. He was very kind-hearted. He loved his subjects like his children. He loved animals too and looked after their welfare. He was very charitable and no needy man went away from him without help. He protected the weak against the strong. If anybody sought asylum with him, …

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Krishna’s Childhood in Vrindavana

Krishna's Childhood in Vrindavana

When Yasoda and Nanda found Krishna as their son, they performed all the religious ceremonies in secret, to avoid Kansa’s wrath. The family astrologer, Gargamuni, told the family, “Your son Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He will protect you from Kansa’s persecutions, and by His grace only, you will surpass all difficulties. Therefore raise Him carefully, because many …

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