Thanksgiving Quiz For Students

Thanksgiving Quiz For Students

Thanksgiving Quiz For Students

The following suggestion may be found interesting to our members. We will call it a Thanksgiving Game. Prepare place-cards for the members of the family and guests. On the backs of these cards have the answers to the questions given below.

  1. What is Thanksgiving Day?
  2. When was the first American Thanksgiving Day?
  3. Where was it celebrated?
  4. By whom was it celebrated?
  5. For what reason did Governor Bradford of the Plymouth Colony set apart a day of Thanksgiving?
  6. Were there any quests at this Thanksgiving?
  7. What did the Pilgrims serve for this Thanksgiving feast?
  8. How long did the Thanksgiving feast last?
  9. What did the Wampanoag Indians contribute?
  10. When was Thanksgiving Day first observed as a National Holiday?
  11. When did Thanksgiving become a recurrent National Holiday?
  12. How should good Americans today observe Thanksgiving Day?

Check Answers! - Thanksgiving Quiz

  1. Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday peculiarly our own. It is the happiest sort of combination of sober and sincere gratitude to Divine Providence, of feasting and jollity and of home and State.
  2. December 13th, 1621.
  3. At Plymouth.
  4. The Pilgrims.
  5. During the first terrible winter of 1620-1621 nearly half of the Mayflower company had died. But the Fall of 1621had assure them of an abundant harvest.
  6. Yes, about 90 friendly Wampanoags.
  7. Large bowls of savory broth with clams and oysters, wild turkeys stuffed with beechnuts, dishes of turnips and carrots, bowls of salad, hasty-pudding, thin cakes of bread or manchets, and baskets of wild grapes.
  8. Four days.
  9. The second day, Massasoit, and his men went into the woods and brought back several deer. They had also brought large sacks of pop-corn.
  10. In the first session of the first Congress, President Washington was requested to recommend to the people a day of public thanksgiving and prayer. In accordance with this request, President Washington set apart November 26th, 1789.
  11. In October, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln, by proclamation, recommended the ay to the people, and set aside the last Thursday in November for its observance.
  12. On Thanksgiving Day the good American should give thanks to the Divine Providence whis has so often aided the progress of this one nation dedicated to liberty, to equality of rights and opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness. Never before has a people enjoyed such material comfort, and the nation is the wealthiest and most powerful on earth. With power comes responsibility; such is the unwritten law. Also prosperity tries to soul of man quite as much as does adversity; such is human nature. And so it is with nations. The good American should therefore add dignity and importance to Thanksgiving Day by taking stock of the past and present, and by making resolve for the future.

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