मैं तो झोंका हूँ हवा का उड़ा ले जाऊँगा: कुमार विश्वास

मैं तो झोंका हूँ हवा का: कुमार विश्वास

मैं तो झोंका हूँ हवा का: कुमार विश्वास – Vishwas was born on 10 February 1970 in a middle class family in the town of Pilkhuwa in Uttar Pradesh, where he studied at Lala Ganga Sahay School. His father, Chandra Pal Sharma, was a lecturer at R.S.S. Degree College in Pilkhuwa and his mother, Rama Sharma, was a housewife. Vishwas is the youngest child and has four brothers and a sister. He studied at the Rajputana Regiment Inter College and then joined Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College because his father wanted him to become an engineer. However, engineering did not interest Vishwas and he left it to study Hindi literature, in which he subsequently earned a PhD.

It was while studying for his PhD that Vishwas changed his name from Viswas Kumar Sharma to Kumar Vishwas, to maintain an identity separate from his caste. In 1994, he became a lecturer in Rajasthan, then taught Hindi literature at Lala Lajpat Rai College. In 2012, he joined the newly-formed AAP as a volunteer worker.

Vishwas hosts a comedy show called KV Sammelan on the Aaj Tak television channel that first premiered on 29 September 2018.

मैं तो झोंका हूँ हवा का उड़ा ले जाऊँगा: कुमार विश्वास

मैं तो झोंका हूँ हवा का उड़ा ले जाऊँगा,
जागती रहना तुझे तुझसे चुरा ले जाऊँगा।

हो के कदमों पे निछावर फूल ने बुत से कहा,
ख़ाक में मिल के भी मैं खुश्बू बचा ले जाऊँगा।

कौन सी शै मुझको पहुँचाएगी तेरे शहर तक,
ये पता तो तब चलेगा जब पता ले जाऊँगा।

कोशिशें मुझको मिटाने की भले हों कामयाब,
मिटते-मिटते भी मैं मिटने का मजा ले जाऊँगा।

शोहरतें जिनकी वजह से दोस्त दुश्मन हो गये,
सब यह रह जायेंगी मैं साथ क्या ले जाऊँगा।

~ कुमार विश्वास

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