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System of government: Republic
Capital: Nouakchott
Location: On the coast of the Atlantic in north-western Africa, bordered by Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Mali and Senegal
Area: 1,030,700 sq km
National composition: Arabs, Maurs, Fulani (Peuls), Tukulors
Religion: Islamic
Official languages: French and Arabic
Currency: Ougiya = 5 chum
Administrative divisions: Mauritania is divided into 15 regions.
Highest elevation: Kedia d’Idjil Massif (917 m)
Chief river: Senegal
Climate: Hot and dry

Mauritania is a desert country with fertile oases along the River Senegal which constitutes the frontier with the neighboring country of the same name. Dry winds heap up the highest sand dunes of the whole Sahara Desert. Farmers in oases cultivate millet, maize and dates. Cattle are raised in the steppes of the south. Fishing contributes considerably to the diet of the population.

The only natural assets of the country are iron and copper which are shipped to Nouadhibou on the coast by the only railway line.

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