BalloonflowerBalloonflower — Platycodon grandiflorus is a species of perennial flowering plant of the family Campanulaceae and the only member of the genus Platycodon. These species are commonly referred to as platycodon, Chinese bellflower, sometimes also Japanese bellflower, common balloon flower, or simply balloon flower. It is native to East Asia (China, East Siberia, Japan, and Korea) and bears big blue flowers, although varieties with white and pink flowers are in cultivation. In Korea, white flowers are more common.

The root of this species (radix platycodi) is used extensively in Asia as an anti-inflammatory in the treatment of coughs and colds. In Korea the plant is known as doraji and its root, either dried or fresh, is a popular ingredient in salads and traditional herbal cooking. However, Chinese bellflower and Korean bellflower are different. Chinese bellflower is used in Chinese herbology.

The plant is also a popular garden ornamental. It is hardy to USDA plant hardiness zone 3 and requires little care.

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