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Top 10 Krishna Janmashtami Bhajans And Songs

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajans and Songs: Radhe Radhe Barsane Wali Radhe, well you certainly cannot celebrate Janmashtami without this Lord Krishna Bhajan and that is because of the fact that it strikes our hearts like none other. Well, India celebrates the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami dancing their hearts out on various Top Bhagwan Krishna Bhajans, so if you too want to strike a chord, learn the lyrics of any of the Janmashtami Bhajans and be ready to dance out like there is no one watching you.

Check out our list of Krishna Janmashtami Bhajans and Songs from down below.

The celebrations of Janmashtami are incomplete without these melodious Krishna Janmashtami Bhajans

Title: भक्त के वश में है भगवान
Singer: Manna Dey
Movie / Album: Shabaab (1954)

God is in the control of the devotee and this is what the song actually means. It was initially sung by the ace singer Manna Dey and since then has been sung by many other singers as well. Enjoy watching this evergreen old classic song ‘Bhagat Ke Bas Mein Hai Bhagwan’ from the film Shabaab (1954), starring Bharat Bhushan, Nutan, Asant Kumar, Shyam Kumar, Badri Prasad, Yashodra Katju, and Wasti. This song is penned down by celebrated lyricist Shakeel Badayuni, composed by Naushad, and sung by Manna Dey. Have a great musical time watching such melodious songs.

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan #2

Title: श्री कृष्णा गोविंद हरे मुरारी
Singer: Ravindra Jain
Movie / Album: Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari Vol 2

Totally a  Krishna Janmashtami number! This song or Bhajan has been sung by Ravindra Jain and is available for MP3 download everywhere. Hearing the song will give you peace and tranquility within seconds and minutes.

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan #3

Title: यशोमति मैया से बोले नंदलाला
Singer: Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar
Movie / Album: Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

In this song, Lord Krishna is asking her mother Yashodha as to why he has a darker complexion than Radha Rani. All of us have heard this song many a times on TV channels when we were toddlers. A simple number available in many remixed versions.

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan #4

Title: अरे द्वारपालो कन्हैया से कह दो
Singer: Ramkumar Lakkha
Movie / Album: Are Dwarpalo Kanhaiya Se Keh Do

Sudama’s wife convinces that he should meet Krishna for them at least. She brings a small pouch of tandool (a type of rice which can be eaten raw) begging from the neighbor to give to Krishna as a gift. Sudama now set to meet Krishna and he is very tired and wary. He requires help. This help is provided by Krishna who disguises as a common man. Now, Krishna leaves Sudama. Sudama wants to meet Krishna and begs the guards to allow him to meet Krishna. See it fabulously presented in Krishna serial by Ramanand Sagar.

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan #5

Title: यशोदा का नंदलाला
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Movie / Album: Sanjog (1985)

The song is a part of the movie Sanjog which is a Bollywood flick and the singer of the song is Lata Mangeshkar. It will strike the chord of every mother’s heart in a jiffy for sure. It is a very popular song for Kirtans as well.

Bhajan #6

Title: राधे तेरे चरणों की धूल जो मिल जाए
Singer: Ravi Raj
Movie / Album: Aardhana

If you want to feel close to the god almighty, just go to YouTube and listen to the song of hearts “Krishna Tere Charno Ki”, which simply is asking Lord Krishna to keep his devotee on his feet for life and beyond.

Krishna Janmashtami Bhajan #7

Title: राधे राधे बरसाने वाली राधे
Singer: Gaurav Krishna Goswami
Movie / Album: Radha Naam Sang

An amazing number for Dandiya Raas, this song is a favorite of many devotees. The wordings take you to the journey of Lord Krishna’s residing places ie 84 Kos Yatra imaginatively.

Bhajan #8

Title: करदो करदो बेडा पार, राधे अलबेली सरकार
Singer: Gaurav Krishna Goswami
Movie / Album: Radha Naam Sang

Bhajan #9

Title: आनंद उमंग भयो, जय हो नन्द लाल की
Movie / Album:

A beautiful Garba Number “Nand Gher Anand” is a perfect celebration number for sure. It depicts the celebration in Nanda’s house when Lord Krishna was born.

Bhajan #10

Title: अच्चुतम केशवं कृष्ण दामोदरं
Singer: Ankit Batra Art of Living
Movie / Album:

Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram – Eternal Lord Krishna, The god in his own right. There are different qualities he possesses, which give him various names. Enchanting his name with pure devotion will bring him closer to you.

This bhajan, Achutam Keshavam, solely serves the purpose of reminding us that nothing is impossible if we strive for it with full dedication. The Krishan Bhajan, Achutam keshavam, explains to us, the right way to bring God closer to us. We can love god closely with Meera’s love and devotion, Shabri’s concern, Yashoda’s Endearment, the devotion of gopis.

The right of worshiping the god is through deep love, care, and dedication. Call him wholeheartedly and he will be always there to fulfill your wishes. The repetition of Achutam Keshavam throughout the bhajan brings a sense of intimacy with God.

Krishna – He is worshipped as the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu and also as the supreme God in his own right. He is the god of compassion, tenderness, and love in Hinduism.

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