Songs that can make Mothers feel Special

Songs that can make Mothers feel Special

Though mothers need appreciation, love and care each single day, with Mother’s Day around the corner, here’s a list of songs that can make her feel special

Apart from the cake, card and bouquet routine, is there anything that a Mother’s Day calls for? Being a good girl and an obedient boy, what next? Nice children might not pay heed to a mother’s dictates all round the year, but will compose a play list just for the day.

So, as Mother’s Day draws closer, are you finding yourself at a loss of words to praise mama dearest? Not with these classics! Starting with the very solemn and sincere Mother of Mine — every mother ever deserves all the lyrics they ever put in this one. The song written by Bill Parkinson almost deserves the status of a prayer sung at school assembly.

Lyrical dedication

Starting with Elvis Presley’s Mama Liked the Roses — the song that is as slow as sentimental. It takes a memorial turn in the end with lyrics “Mama liked the roses in such a special way, we bring them every Mother’s Day and put them on her grave.”

There’s also Mother by Pink Floyd, talking of an overprotective mother. A staple of any Mother’s Day playlist would be Boyz II Men’s A Song for Mama. A song for mama, it is and the most befitting one. The very hummable, pleasant lyrics talk about a mother being the foundation stone, pillar of strength and every thing. “And no one else can do, what you have done for me, you’ll always be the girl in my life.” Sharing a very similar sentiment is Backstreet Boys’ The Perfect Fan. The soft piano medley talking about a mother being, “always there for me, pushing me and guiding me, always to succeed.” Back in ’99, when the single released, mothers and children across the globe gave a thumbs-up! Talk of boys growing up. On another note, Spice Girls’ Mama I Love You could be the perfect song from a daughter to her mother. Even though the single, released in late ’90s, was received by mixed reviews, it opened up the listeners to the sweeter side of Spice Girls. The idea for the song arose when Melanie Brown thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a song for the mamas of the group. Only, decades later, we are playing it for mamas of the world. Kanye West’s Hey Mama is rhythmic, lyrical tribute to a mama, typical Kanye West style. “I wanna scream so loud for you, ’cause I’m so proud of you. Let me tell you what I’m about to do (Hey Mama)…I appreciate what you allowed for me, I just want you to be proud of me.” Kanye West was close to his mother; this song was recorded before she passed away unexpectedly in 2007.

On a lighter note, there’s ABBA’s Does Your Mother Know. The fun-spirited rock and roll song touches on the subject of a naughty girl flirting with a man much older to her. ‘Well, Does Your Mother Know You Are Out’ could pretty much be a line we all could have done with during teenage years.

Youngster’s take

As for Bollywood, the dialogue, Mere Paas Maa Hai has higher recall value than any lyrical tribute. Unless we are talking about Satinder Sartaj’s very sincere tribute, Ammi, or Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Maye Ni Maye, a folksy innocent tribute to a mother, who’s always blessing and always waiting for children, to return, to do well, to grow up.

“I quite like Spice Girls’ Mama. It’s slow and has simple lyrics that connect. Moreover, I feel it can be perfect for girls wanting to dedicate a song to their mothers,” shares Namrata Sodhi, psychology student, Panjab University.

Whatever the language, sentiment or genre, mothers deserve a tribute each day. All the more on Mother’s Day.

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