Jaani - Punjabi Lyricist

Jaani – Punjabi Lyricist

If they could sing my lyrics

I would want the Nooran sisters and Jasmine to sing my song some day. They have the best vocals, and they will certainly do justice to my writing.

Lyricists I admire

Gulzar and Irshad Kamil. Their words have the ability to transport one to some other world.

A song that stayed with me

I listen to many songs. However, Bollywood film Rockstar’s songs Naadan parindey or Khawaja ji have the same magic on me each time I hear them.

The real Jaani stands up

I am blessed with the ability to enjoy my own company and I am equally happy in the company of the few friends that I have.

My most dreaded moment

When my friend Hardy Sandhu and I heard the song Jaguar that I had written, after listening to a girl’s conversation, we both thought that the song was going to bomb. Even after the release of the song, we had no clue that it had become a huge hit.

The best compliment

When people heard the song Ek Taara, they said that I had actually written like Shiv Kumar Batalavi, which I know is something that can never be true. Nevertheless, when they said this, I did feel blessed.

Singing or writing

I will be making my singing debut soon. But I have to train myself for it before I jump into it. I put a part of me in the songs that I write, which will be the case always. Singing, I still have to see where it goes and how.

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