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Parents day was introduced in the United States of America by President Bill Clinton, in the year 1994. This was done to prevent gender biased differentiation by having fathers day and mothers day as two separate days of the year. It is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July, every year. Parents day is celebrated on May 8th in Korea and on May 15th in Europe. Although we must love our parents every day, this is a day that’s specially meant for us to express our love for our parents. Many younger generation people do not understand or value their parents enough. Some of them fail to remember the years of love and care, instead they focus their attention on trivial negative experiences. We all must hold utmost respect for those beings who have given us this opportunity to live and who’ve sacrificed their comfort and happiness for the sake of their children. Such noble sacrifices of one’s own happiness must be repaid with abundance of love. There is nothing much that one can do for their parents except make them proud of themselves for having such children. On this special day, we must show them how thankful we are for everything that we’ve got so far and thank them for being such wonderful parents. Parent’s day isn’t about materialistic gifts, but gifting them would be a like icing on a cake. If possible, it is good to visit one’s parents on this day and spend the entire day with them.

Parents Day Date:

Date‎: ‎Fourth Sunday of July

  • 2020: ‎July 26
  • 2021‎: ‎July 25
  • 2022: July 24

Happy Parents Day!

  • National parents’ day is celebrated in the United States of America for “recognizing, uplifting and promoting the role of parents in the rearing of children”(cited in the National Parent’s Day Council website), after a bill regarding the same was introduced in the Senate by Republican Senator Trent Lott and signed by the then President Bill Clinton.
  • The three core values of parents’ day are commitment, responsibilities and unconditional love.
  • Commitment is an important requirement for holding family ties close forever. Although this was considered common sense in the recent past, it has now become a theoretical ideology that only few follow. Commitment between the parents is as important as the relationship shared between children and their parents. Parents who are committed to their children often have the good fortune of the same children being committed to them when they grow older. The commitment between a husband and his wife towards each other is that which keeps the family held together.
  • The term “responsibilities” includes each person’s responsibility towards others in the family. Parents must satisfy their responsibilities of taking good care of their children and making them grow up into responsible adults and likewise, children must duly fulfill their responsibility of taking good care of parents, with love and care during their difficult times. The society that we live in is changing very fast and many family values are being forgotten amidst the humdrums of daily life. Days dedicated to members of the family, such as parents’ day, grandparents’ day, etc. help in bringing all the members of the family together.
  • Unconditional love is the basis of any lasting relationship, especially the bond between parents and their children. Parents are sure to love their children even though their offspring may have committed many mistakes in life. Such mistakes, although accounted for and punished accordingly, are soon forgotten or forgiven. Although some parents appreciate morality over relationship ties, their love for their children is no lesser than that of others. Children must also understand their parent’s concerns and ideologies and learn to accept them as they are. Misunderstandings are a part of every relationship, those who don’t share a healthy relationship with their parents can use the opportunity of parents’ day to mend broken bonds and renew their love for each other.
Parents Day is celebrated on different days throughout the world, yet it continues to be celebrated because of its universal appeal. Parents deserve much more than their children’s love and respect and this is the best occasion to express the same.

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