Hampi Utsav

Hampi Utsav, also known as the Vijaya Utsav, Festival of Hampi has been celebrated from the times of the Vijayanagar reign. This event has been reiterated as the “Nada Utsava” by the Government of Karnataka. Hampi being a World Heritage Site is a international tourist spot. This festival is attributes to the mega cultural extravaganza, held from 3rd November to 5th November every year.

Renowned artistes all over India come forward in bringing the grandiose days of the Vijayanagar Period to the present day . The rich culture of Kannadigas in the fields of dance, music and art thus showcased complement the beautifully carved ruins of Hampi.

Bright colored handicrafts, leather puppets done by the traditional craftsmen of the past are reproduced with the same skill by their present generation. Musical instruments such as pipes and drums traditionally played vibrate the air with past grandeur. The Government of Karnataka promotes this festival every year to attract people all over the world to this magnificent land.

Decorated elephants, horses and men dressed in the military fashion of the Golden Era, are posted underneath the red, yellow, blue and white cloth “Gopuras” are posted along the lanes of Hampi. The two kilometer path near the Virupaaksha temple which was known as the Raja Marga has been decorated as the Vijayanagar theme. Traders offered tokens of “gold coins” and “diamonds” recreating the once world famous open trade in diamonds, gemsn and gold of the Golden Era. Classical dance exponents and classical vocalists are set to entertain the guests with their brilliant performances in five avenues.

“Janapada Kalavahini” a concert of folk songs is a special attraction introduced this year festival.

“Jumbo Savari” similar to the Dasara elephant march is held at Hospet town. The Howdah in Panchaloha (made of 5 metals), from the Vijayanagar Empire is being used.

Light and sound show: Special lighting of monuments across the 15 km of Hampi ruins on the banks of Tungabadra is another attraction guaranteed to make the visitor mesmerize and put the spell of the ancient days.

For those who are fond of traditional shopping there cannot be a better place than Hampi to shop. Color, gaiety and excitement follow the long and spectacular processions which wind their way to the sounds of pipes and trumpets reliving the Golden past.

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