7 sure ways to rev up your metabolism

#Rule 4

That friend who eats like an elephant and is still thin is probably eating right. Read whole grains, fruits and pulses. While green tea remains people’s favourite here, ginger is considered equally beneficial though less celebrated.

“Sprinkle some cinnamon on your salad or curd and you have done a huge favour for you metabolic rate,” says nutritionist Pallavi Jassal. Throw in chillies in your meals, goes the universal dictum to make your metabolism go on the fast forward mode! And, nothing can match up to the significance of water in eating right. Our body is 60 per cent water and we must maintain that. More you drink, more you are giving your body a chance to be on up mode. However, Pallavi warns against too much indulgence in water therapy if you are dealing with cardiovsucular or kidney ailments. For a healthy person, four litres are fine. Try lemon water for it ups immunity and helps in better absorption of minerals too.

#Rule 5

Yoga makes sure that your body is on the active mode. Swami Yogananda suggests ‘shodhan’ asanas, the ones that purify and eject out carbon from your body. Pranayam is one, agni sara another that he deems extremely important for increasing the metabolic rate. “If you are not familiar with either of them, try deep breathing. Bloat your tummy like a balloon when you breathe in and make your tummy stick to your merudund (spinal cord) when you breathe out,” says Swami Yoganand who has been teaching yoga and dhyan for last two decades.

#Rule 6

Nothing makes your system more sluggish than stress. Working outdoor and giving attention to your breathing while exercising will have dual benefits. Anil helps us to decode this simple formula. “Inhale when you are going up, and exhale when you are going down, your body is being exercised and mind calmed.

#Rule 7

Iron deficiency is often the culprit why even after exercising and maintaining a diet, you are not getting the desired results. “One must rule out anaemia for a fast metabolic rate. You can have some iron supplement in your daily diet,” says Pallavi. Alongside, she recommends boosting up of immunity by going for a diet rich in zink, selenium and copper. Coloured veggies and fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, apples, oranges are very beneficial too.

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